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2. Chapter Two

Caspian and Kain approached him, walking with their predatory stances and cunning grins. While Alex didn't mind Cas, he hated Kain, but the two still found it amusing to play both high-classed, and sometimes not very good or original, pranks on each other.


"Alex," Kain acknowledged him in the blandest tone possible, "Damon wants you home, now."


"Hi to you too," Alex blinked at him, frowning, "you dick." He muttered after, "And why should I do what he says?"


Caspian gave him a friendly, but slightly worried smile, "Oh Lex," he shook his head slowly, his smile wavering, "You should listen to your Alpha you know. He doesn't have to give you a reason."


Alex growled quietly, "He is not my Alpha, so yes, he does have to give me a reason." He crossed his arms angrily, glaring at the twins, "I have no reason to follow his orders, so I won't unless I see it as necessary."


A few of the other supernatural entities were looking this way at the hostile voice Alex had, and he snarled at them.


Kain took a step forward, arms crossed and baring his canines, "You know," he grinned evilly for a moment, "if he wasn't your Alpha, he wold have kicked you out of the pack house, Alex. He wouldn't take you into consideration, wouldn't listen to your opinions, wouldn't stay near the kitchen to make sure that you didn't cut or burn yourself too bad whenever you cook anything. He wouldn't care Alex, he wouldn't care about you. But he does. He does all of those things. And sometimes, just sometimes, you're just too blind to notice them."


"Fuck you Kain, fuck you." Alex swore at him, indifferent to these statements, "Fucking fine I'll come home. But of my own accord, not because Day wants me to."


Caspian smiled, "Yay. I want a lift on your motorbike Lex!" He exclaimed with joy.


Alex rolled his eyes at the twin, "You only love me for my vehicles Cas..." he joked, "I assume you'll run behind, Kain." He added, turning to the other one.


Kain just sneered at him in disgust and walked off, jumping down from the beams.


Alex grinned back at Cas, then groaned, "Alright then, lets go back to Damon." he grumbled.


Cas smiled, leading the way to the edge, following his brother's path and jumping down. Alex followed suit, falling through the darkness, and landing on the dusty floor. He looked around for Cas, but the twin had already run off through the entrance that the supernatural entities generally use. Alex took one last look around the dark and humid backstage, taking note of the large empty cages and grubby-looking trunks and boxes, then walked outside.


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