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1. Chapter One

Clambering up onto the beam, the circus act could be seen in all of its glory. The blood and gore scent couldn't reach him from up here, where the demons usually sit. Good thing he'd eaten beforehand either way. The screaming and other sounds could still be heard, which was brilliant.

He shared his perch with a few of the other supernatural entities enjoying the show. He wasn't the only demon, but he was the only hell-born, Satanic offspring with a direct bloodline, yes, that was what made him and all his siblings so special. The flame colour was only one indicator, but other bloodline marks come in many shapes, sizes and colours, for example, the claws, the eyes with catlike pupils, the rough lizard like skin texture, or the skin colour, are just few of many.

Alex himself, had retractable claws, a few patches of the lizard like skin, which could be chosen to be shown or not, and his eyes could be changed from catlike pupils and golden in colour, to completely random colours, like indigo or silver, to human looking eyes with normal colours, but are normally black with a small amount of red and silver flecks. The eyes also only change due to an extreme mood change, so he didn't have to worry about those showing himself up.


He smiled to himself with sadness as he remembered how frightened Jack, once his best friend and now a skeletal hunter, had been when he found out. It wasn't everyday that you met the Seventh Son and for Jack, his best friend just wasn't there anymore. The darkness and evil had corrupted him, that he had never been real, that he was only a monster in disguise, was what he had shouted at Alex with fear through the door dripping with holy water. Alex was all of these things, but he was there through the thick and thin of their friendship, protecting Jack from the truth of the world around him.


Jack Skullion, skeletal hunter, literally a living skeleton hunting demons. He had learnt the tricks from his brutal and inhumane father, but he had taken a whole new level by poisoning his own skin so that it melted away and left his bones, leaving him immortal. There would forever be a feud between them, Jack and Alex.
Alex hates it when they fight, they always end up hurting each other badly. They get along sometimes, but more often than not, there will be something that will set off one of their 'to the death' fights.

Jack's brother on the other hand, was a whole other story. Maybe it could even be a nice story. Well, it could, if Alex actually had a proper "talk" with the were-pack leader. And a long "talk" at that.


Alex shook his head to clear it and focused back on the circus act, well, tried to at least. He felt like he was being watched, but that happened a lot to him, so he dismissed it for the time being, and pulled his hood further down to shade his eyes. But even when he tried to ignore the feeling, it didn't fade, it intensified, making Alex uncomfortable.


He looked around himself, trying to identify who was watching, scrutinising, staring at him with this much intensity.

His eyes came to rest on two werewolves grinning in his direction. The Alpha Twins... It was the Alpha Twins...


Of fucking course...

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