Cabin 13

Rayne Jones is about to go leave to her first real summer camp ever. She is tired of everyday boring life! All the least she wants to do, is meet people and just chill by a lake or campfire.. but what happen when a mysterious boy named Blake walks into her life? Along with Hilarious evil twins. Will she be prepared for betrayal? This summer is more than a campfire now. Mystery and thrills. Romance and humor and maybe a murder or two?
Read now. you wont regret it!!


6. The Twins tricks and games.

"Kay! Jay! Why did you take me out here?"

Its been about 20 minutes since we got off the bus. I was so excited. This place is beautiful. Nature everywhere! The lake view is fantastic. These butterflies were leading me to the funny lookin guy with the notebook. He was going to tell me my cabin. But the twins pulled me away before i could.

"Dont worry about it. Just keep up!" The twins said in sync.

Ive been running for awile now into the woods. I think the twins are getting farther ahead.

I sat down on a big rock to breath a little. Whats up with those guys? Ive known them for a few hours and there already running away from me? Were do they want to take me anyway?

"Hey!" I heard a man yell in the distance. Couldnt be the twins, because there voices sound more.. How do i explain it?  Loose? Chilled?

"You! What are you doing out here?" The figure behind the trees continued screaming. Panic washed all over me. I began to run torwards the twins direction. But they were gone.

When i felt pressure grab my arm.

"Shhhhh!" one figure wispered.

"Dont scream." The other figure wispered in my ear. One of them seem to be holding me from behind. while the other was covering my mouth.

It didnt take long till i realized i was screaming with tears running down my face.

I tried to stop the over welming tears, but i felt as if something was tugging my gut. not allowing the fear to drain.

Till i realized.

It was just Jay & Kay.

I licked Jays hand and he quickly jumped back in disgust, while Kay just let go into a laughing frenzy.

"What the hell guys?!" I screamed.

"Shhhhhhhhh!" They said together with there index finger to there mouths. Gee. I bet they spend alot of time alone with each other..

"What. Tha. Hell. Guyss!?" I wispered screamed.

They both glared at me from the corner of there eye then both let out a sigh. "Okay, Rayne is it? Just keep it down. We dont want to get caught." One of the twins stated with no enthusiasm.

"Err.. Sorry Rayne babe but just keep it down." The other twin said, with such a cute look on his face.. I think im starting to understand witch twin is witch.



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jay P.O.V~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`

This girl is going to be a pain in my A***. Err.. Why does Kay want to bother with the likes of her? This game isn't funny anymore. Its just plain boring now. Well. My as well see how easy she is.

"Hey rayne.." I gently wispered as i walked slowly torwards her.

"What?" She gave me a odd look. but i just laughed slightly.  first time i bet any girl that was so thick headed she doesnt even know when im putting moves on her.

I force fully placed my hands on the rocky wall-cave that we were hiding in. We were only inches apart.

"So.. your going to rape me?"

My eyes got wide along with Kay. He busted out laughing and i just jumped back in discust

"Um Ew! Shu-shut up you little idiot. Of course not!! Thats ridiculous!" She just looked at me with a "sure you wasnt' face and began to laugh along. I gently smiled.. Yes. i smiled OK  those idiots are contagious i guess..

"Kay. Lets just go back im getting hungry."

"Yeah Jay, i agree its getting pretty dark."

"You mind to gaurd the cave for us while we are gone, just so any bears know theres already one home." We said in sync. But it was worth it. her face is price less.

"You gotta be kidding me! Im hungry! I wanna come back too!" She winded. Her face expression is so adorable right now.. But i honestly dont care. Her little booty is stayin. Just because.

She just threw us a straight face.. she started laughing.. I can feel sweat starting to form from my head. I can tell Kay was getting nervous as well.

Then BAM. That death glare might as well been the end of us. I felt like i was about to be murdered...

Wait a second! What the hell? WE are the ones she should be afraid of!

"Dont push the limit boys."

We both jerked back a bit.

"Look sweet cheeks. You can come with us if you promise you can meet up back here." Kay stated, He hair swaying, making it difficult to see his expression through the night. But by the way he said it, he sounded pretty dark.

"Hmm.. Deal. but no running off without me."

Kay looked up in surprise. eyes wide like he just fell inlove. I doubt it, but the sight was enough to break my  heart.

"Welp. Lets go."


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