Cabin 13

Rayne Jones is about to go leave to her first real summer camp ever. She is tired of everyday boring life! All the least she wants to do, is meet people and just chill by a lake or campfire.. but what happen when a mysterious boy named Blake walks into her life? Along with Hilarious evil twins. Will she be prepared for betrayal? This summer is more than a campfire now. Mystery and thrills. Romance and humor and maybe a murder or two?
Read now. you wont regret it!!


13. Sorry! :(

Okay so I haven't been online in a long ass time.. Sorry guys.. I didn't realize that this story was actually getting popular.

Its been atleast a year I think.. :/ I read over the past chapters and im so embarrassed im impressed that I created a good story.. but my typing is awful! I mean.. damn! haha (: But don't worry.. im back and trust me ill do MUCH better !

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