Cabin 13

Rayne Jones is about to go leave to her first real summer camp ever. She is tired of everyday boring life! All the least she wants to do, is meet people and just chill by a lake or campfire.. but what happen when a mysterious boy named Blake walks into her life? Along with Hilarious evil twins. Will she be prepared for betrayal? This summer is more than a campfire now. Mystery and thrills. Romance and humor and maybe a murder or two?
Read now. you wont regret it!!


10. Evil perverted Alien. part 2

After walking back to my cabin, i quickly changed into some jeans and a undershirt. I decided it was to cold for that, so i simpily  Threw a hoodie over my head. I pulled my hair out, letting is cascade down my back, I took a quick look in the mirror. Only to find one of the twins eying me from behind.

"What the heck Jay!!"  He took a step back, as if he just seen a ghost. Who does he think he is sneeking his way into my cabin! While i was changing?!

A smirk played his lips. Pinning me against the wall. Holding my wrist so i wouldnt escape. Fear clouded my thinking. Until my anger rushed over me.

"How do you know im not kay?"

"Becuase he's not as evil as you."

His head flew back with a bark of laughter. i just rolled my eyes and continued to try to squirm to escape.

but failed.

"Shh... Trust me. He isnt as perfect as you think... Im just here to warn you. We dont want a... rather attrractive girl like yourself getting into any trouble."

I rolled my eyes. He's pathetic.

"Dont worry about me. Get out."

He stared intensly into my eyes. as if studying me... Trying to read my mind. He let go of my wrist. Looking at the ground. Causing his hair to sway so i couldnt look at his eyes.

"Just dont stick your nose where it dont belong. Im the good guy.." He turned around, and walked out of my cabin. Leaving me speech less.

"Good guy?"

I giggled to myself.

"My ass."

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