Cabin 13

Rayne Jones is about to go leave to her first real summer camp ever. She is tired of everyday boring life! All the least she wants to do, is meet people and just chill by a lake or campfire.. but what happen when a mysterious boy named Blake walks into her life? Along with Hilarious evil twins. Will she be prepared for betrayal? This summer is more than a campfire now. Mystery and thrills. Romance and humor and maybe a murder or two?
Read now. you wont regret it!!


2. 2 More days

"No way! mom is really letting you go?" My younger sister Rose asked.

"Yeah.. But dad had to come in and save me once again." I layed back and picked up an X-box controller. "Wanna play?"

"Sure." She sighed, picking up the controller from my hand, as i put in Call of Duty Ghost.


"Rose.. Did you want to go?" I felt my stomach turn at the thought of my sister being here alone. She doesn't handle herself well being home without me.. Then again she always assist i leave to go to a friends house... I wonder what she does when im alone..

"Nah im good." She snapped me out of my day dream. My stomach turned again, not out of guilt.. but at the thought of her getting into my personal things. "I will have to take a few extra things.. just in case." i thought to myself.

"Hey baby!" Taylor squeeled, Bursting into my room.

"Taylor!" I bounced up from the floor to hug my best friend.

"So what did your parents say?" He asked smirking at my sister playing X-box without me.

"Dad saved me once again. How about you?" I asked, hoping my best friend would be spending the summer with me.

"Oh.. Er... Sorry dear.. I cant."

I felt the disappointment shower me.

"Oh.." I sighed.

"Dont worry though! You just have plenty of fun, kay?" I said, tipping my head back up towards him. I began to scan his face. I have to admit, Taylor was beautiful. He had hazel eyes, Dark hair that always looked clean and smelled like my axe he always stole from my bathroom....

"Rayne?" He asked puzzled. I blushed realizing i was checking him out. Although he has an interest of the opposite gender.. He's my best friend. My hot best friend that is.

"It wont be as fun though without you!" I sighed. looking over to my packed bag.

"Yes it will! I pinky swear babe!" I rolled my eyes and took his pinky.

"Whats with that evil grin?" My sister Rose asked, looking up at Taylor.

"Just thinking about that one time me and your sister was at that fair.."

I rolled my eyes taking apart of his flash back.. We found an old carnival .. Everything was broken down. But there was still a bouncy castle laying there. Taylor being Taylor he bought something to blow it up. That bouncy castle is where we spent the rest of the day.

"Huh? What carnival?" Rose asked with a puzzled look on her face. But i rolled my eyes and threw a pillow, nailing her in the face. Earning a laugh from Taylor.

"Welp babe i better get going!" He grabbed his jacket and strolled out the door.

"Uh.. Later?" I waved good bye and returned to my video game battle with my sister.

"Carnival huh?" Rose asked

"Shut up..." We both laughed as we continued to shoot our enemies.

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