Till they changed me.

I knelt by my fathers lifeless body, the only thing going through my head, Why me? My mom and now my dad? why do they try to take everything from me? I got up, grabbing my knife, and walked away from the scene. Never going back to that life again.
I was alone. Completely alone. Ever since they changed me.


1. Prologue


~One year ago~

"Daddy! Daddy come back!" I screamed as my father ran towards the sounds of battle. I followed as quick as possible, but my fathers long stride out ran me. I finally found my way to the edge of the forest we were in, wishing I hadn't made it out. I saw a soldier from a rival tribe. I threw myself at him, slicing at his upper arm. I then dodged his punch and brought my knee to his crouch, making him keel over, I continued to using his weight to stab my knife into his stomach. He groaned and fell, knowing he was a goner I knelt my fathers lifeless body. Tears streamed down my face as I sat there for hours, at least, it felt like hours. The only thing going through my head was Why me? Why dad? Mom dies last year and now dad too? What has my family done to deserve this? I stood up after a while, wiping my tears, and walked away. Leaving that life behind me. The life of the innocent. The life of the defenseless child. That day I grew up. I began the two day journey home, alone. All alone.

~Two days later, once she gets home~

I immediately dropped my gear and walked up to my fathers room and began throwing out all of his belongings. All but his necklace. It cost him a months worth of hog and deer skin for it, and he had said one day it would be mine. Now, it was. It contained power. His power. Fire. I took after my mom and have the power of water, not fire. My parents, they were complete opposites, and yet, they fell in love. I wished that to happen to me one day. Then I realized, all my loved ones are killed, or taken away from me. I'm cursed.

My name? The villagers call me Noroi, which means cursed. Others call me Bodaway, which means fire seeker. I guess I am a fire seeker, for my father was the fire, and I still seek him. But before anything, I was Red Ucanti. But I'm not the innocent little girl I used to be. I have blood on my hands now, now, I'm Helaku Cantu. A different alias for a different person. I've changed. Not by wishes, or by dreams. They changed me. But till they changed me, I had a family, I was happy, loved. Now, I'm a curse. No-one wants me. Well, ever since they changed me.


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