Till they changed me.

I knelt by my fathers lifeless body, the only thing going through my head, Why me? My mom and now my dad? why do they try to take everything from me? I got up, grabbing my knife, and walked away from the scene. Never going back to that life again.
I was alone. Completely alone. Ever since they changed me.


2. I'm

Helaku's Pov

     I'm walking home from hunting, since my father died I've taken over my family's land, house, and rights. I feel something cold and hard hit my back hard before making me slam to the ground. I turn around to see one of the girls from the village standing there, laughing with her friends. I get up, drop my game bag, and walk right up to her. The smile fades from her lips as she watches me approach, making me silently laugh.

     Once I'm within arms reach of her I pull back my arm and bring it forward with all the force I can, hitting her straight in the jaw with a hook punch. She slams to the ground, clutching her jaw, as her friends advance on me. It's four of them against one of me, great. The first girl comes at me and I swing to the side, grabbing her wrist, and put her in an arm lock, arm behind her. I could so easily break her arm with just a little more force up.

     Her other friend throws a knife at me, I catch the handle, spin it around and chuck it back at her. She dodges and takes off. Two down, two to go. I pull up on the girls arm I'm still holding, hearing a crack and a scream from her I drop it and she falls to the ground.

Three down, one to go.

     The third girl is the best by far, I've seen her train. She runs at me with her knife, I roll to the side and trip her. She doesn't fall, I knew she wouldn't, she rolls over her shoulder, landing in fighting stance. I throw a couple kicks, that all get blocked, before she gets a punch to my stomach and a kick to my side. Get it together! I dodge her next kick by ducking, grab her leg and twist, making her fall. I grind my elbow into her spine and knee her in the face before grabbing my game bag and taking off.

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