Dangerously In Love

"I never imagined the person I loved the most could break my heart so easily."
(Not all love stories have a happy ending.


5. You deserve Better

"Justin Bieber and Evelyn Carter's horrible breakup, Is still effecting both of them"


"Yesterday afternoon the ex couple saw each other"


"Evelyn's horrible Papparazzi attack, while leaving the airport"


"The two saw each other and left the world unknown in their current relationship together"


"Evelyn furiously attacked by Papparazzi and was yelled at by the paps after meeting up with former ex Bieber"


"Justin bieber does nothing to stop the incident of Evelyn's attack with the paps and was hurried out of the airport for safety"


Evelyn's P.O.V

The news were everywhere and they found a way to escalate quickly. The hate spreaded like a virus and even though the world is against me and him. I try to forget things but some how it found a way to push me back down. Although hate never really brought me down before but this time it has gone further past the line.


Justin's P.O.V

I stared at a picture of Evelyn. Her sweet innocent smile. I remember when I took that picture the day what had happened


"Justin" her voice was like an angel. "Yes beautiful" I turned to look at her and she giggled. "I love you" she said and I smiled so big. " I love you to but way more than you'll ever know" I kissed her soft cheek and she smiled. I grabbed my camera and took a picture of her. "Your so freaking gorgeous baby girl" I took another picture of her and she blew a kiss in the camera. I laughed and she laid her back on the green grass and so did I. I intertwined our hands and we both stared at the blue sky. I turned my head to look at her and she was staring at the sky. I smiled at her and she looked at me and smiled too. I pecked her lips and got up and helped her up. I took out a rose from my jacket and gave it to her and She smiled. "Thank you" she kissed my cheek and smelled the rose. It brought me so much happiness because I knew she loved roses and I love seeing her happy. Her flowery dress blew from the light wind. I lifted up her chin and I smashed my lips onto hers and it was perfect. I wrapped my hands around her waist and we both pulled out. She bit her lip and I licked mine. She buried her face in my chest and I kissed the top of her head.

End of flashback

I had tears down my face,"Justin" Alfredo shouted and I looked at him and wiped them. "Justin are you done recording.. What are you .." He saw me holding the picture and he sighed. "Justin recording and writing all these songs isn't gonna make Evellyn come back, bro" I looked at the picture of her and my heart hurt so bad. "Don't tell me that man" I ran my hand across my face. "If you learn to forget about her. It'll hurt less" I looked at him. "But once it stops hurting, I stop caring about her and I don't want to stop caring about her. I love her" I looked at the picture again. "Justin, the breakup is effecting both of you not just you. Let Evelyn go already. I know you guys had the best together but bro that's the past. You let her go and she's not gonna come back Justin. This isn't a movie where everything ends with a happy ever after this is reality this is the real world it doesn't exist. I think you should move on and let her too. Let her be happy again but with some one else" i couldn't believe the words he just told me. Tears escaped my eyes and I hold tight on the picture of her. "I love her too much to let her go. I can't forget about her she gave me so much and I know she's hurt too and I never meant to hurt her. I'm never gonna find someone like her and I don't want another girl I want her only her"


Evelyn's P.O.V

I stayed in my hotel room thinking. Should I give up my fame and go back home and forget about everything or maybe run away and no one will ever find. Although I wanted to do that so bad. Run away and never look back. But I remembered why I was here I held on for such a long time and to let go all of that wouldn't be easy. Or should I go back to my old job back where I came from. To Protect others. I know I didn't fully complete and I would have to go back sooner or later. But I'm not ready too because if I did leave I know I'm not coming back. Maybe Everything that's ever happened is my fault. For lying to justin he didn't deserve that he deserved the truth but I didn't give it to him. Why did I fall in love with him when I still loved someone else and almost risked his life, but I was there to protect him. I've messed everything up and almost got him killed. I played with his feelings. Played with his heart. His feelings for love. I should just forget about him and let him be happy because I know he deserves it. I let the tears run down my cheeks.

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