Dangerously In Love

"I never imagined the person I loved the most could break my heart so easily."
(Not all love stories have a happy ending.


6. Why would you...


Evelyn's P.O.V

"But .. I Love you" a tear fell down. Then I wiped it immediately, "great job Evelyn your done with your album" everyone cheered and I giggled and took off my ear phones. I walked out of the room,"You did an amazing job everyone's gonna love it. All your songs are good" Jt, said hugging me, "Thank you, that really means a lot and thank you Beyonce for working with me" I turned to look at her and she smiled. "Aww your welcome sweetie" I smiled again. "Evelyn here's your cd. Your hard work will pay off" I shrieked and grabbed the CD. "Evelyn were gonna have to throw you an album release party and go out for dinner for your World tour" Jt said and I was super excited. "I'm so happy" , I put the cd in my purse. "So this album is gonna be a surprise to the world and Evelyn your going to New York for the movie" he said and I nodded. "Evelyn your amazing an talented. Great work" bey hugged me and I smiled.



Justin's P.O.V

I was back in L.A and I went to the recording studio there to finish up. I had my head phones on and I thought about Evelyn. Everyone stared at me through the clear window. I sighed and Lil Za opened the door, "aye bro you alright" he raised his eye brow and I nodded. He closed the door and I looked down at the ground and saw a shiny ring. I picked it up and I recognized it immediately. "Evelyn" I studied the ring around and remembered I still had mine on and never took it off. I remembered when I gave it to her for valentines and we promised to be with each other. A promise ring that failed to complete. Inside was the word Forever printed on there. Why would her ring be here on the floor. I took off my head phones and walked out of the door and went to the front desk and everyone followed behind me "Justin" but I ignored them. "Excuse me was Evelyn Carter in here before me" the guy looked at me. "Why" he asked, "that doesn't matter to you I'm just asking". "Yes she was" I sighed, "please if you know where she is now can you please tell me I need to give her something" the guy nodded his head. "She left to her hotel" I ran out when he said that and lil Za called my name but I ignored him. I got in my car and fastened my seat belt and drove away.



Evelyn's P.O.V

I walked inside my room and laid my bag on the floor. "Evelyn" I turned around and saw her. "What the hell are you doing here" I walked over to her, "Wait Evelyn calm down, I need to talk to you", "About what I don't want to talk to you get out of here" I went up to her . "get out of here" I said angrily . "About Justin please you need to know this he doesn't love you and never did" my eyes began to water and I dropped the knife and It fell on the floor. I backed away from her, "Evelyn, Justin is a liar don't listen to him or anything he says he's playing with you". "How should I believe you" I stared at her and she took out a folder. "Here you might want to take a look before I go on" I grabbed it and opened it. I took out some pictures and they were all from him. A tear fell from my eye and I covered my mouth. "Evelyn, he's playing with you" I stayed quite and I wiped all the tears from my face. "I got these pictures that someone gave me when he cheated on me and this one is when he cheated on you" I looked at the picture and it was of him in the club talking to a girl and they were so close. I dropped the picture. "Do you remember when this was" I nodded. "It was when you were in New York with him when he was gonna get his award and that's when everything happened that night he said he was gonna come back and he left you were all alone in your hotel room and he left to the club and got drunk and he did that then Lil Za came to the club and brought him from the club because he was too drunk"

Flash Back:


We all walked back to the hotel because it was getting dark and we all went our separate ways. Me and Justin got in our room and he pulled me into a hug. "Finally alone with my baby" I giggled and and pecked his lips. "I'm gonna go get changed" I said, "ok I'll be back soon gonna go see something" I nodded and he left. I changed into my pj's and I brushed my teeth and took off my makeup. I checked the time and it was 11 at night and justin still hadn't came back. I laid on the bed and went to sleep.

End of flash back


He cheated on me. Why did he cheat on me. "Evelyn I'm so sorry you have to go through this but he's doing it again. When you guys broke up for the first time he went around and fucked a model, you probably already know because it came out in the news" I stared at the floor. "He's blaming you for the breakup like he did to me it's all over the news. The whole world is going against you because you cheated on justin supposedly" I looked at her in shock. "Did you guys ever had sex?" I stayed silent. We were drunk and it was on his 23 birthday. Although I wish we didn't. "Yes" I said softly. More tears escaped my eyes and she stayed in shock. "Evelyn he knows every guy wants you. He's just gonna use you again just for your body. But I have to go before someone sees me. Bye" she walked away and left. I didn't know what to do but I knew that I wasn't gonna go back to him. He cheated on me, I looked back at the pictures in my hand and they were all of him with a different girl and they were either kissing or really close to each other. There was a knock on my door, "Evelyn" it was justin and I stood there quite. He knocked again, "Evelyn please open the door" he kept on knocking. I walked up to the door and stared at the door knob. "Evelyn please, I need to see you. Open the door" he knocked harder. "Evelyn I know your in there please open it, I'm sorry I hurt you I didn't mean it. Please Ev I need you in my life" he stopped knocking and I sighed. "Evelyn open up please, I can't go on without you" he knocked one more time. Why do I let myself get broken hearted. I need to forget about him. I went to the bed room and laid on it. Move on everyone tells me but it's not easy. But what they don't get is every time I try the memories of us together get replayed in my head. His eyes. His smile. How happy he made me. Those were some of the best memories that I won't be able to erase. If I could I would in a heart beat. It'd be so much easier to forget. Forget him like he forgot me. But then I face reality he cheated on me

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