Dangerously In Love

"I never imagined the person I loved the most could break my heart so easily."
(Not all love stories have a happy ending.


21. the visit

July 1

 2 weeks later

Evelyn's P.O.V

"Are you feeling better" Adelyn asked and I nodded. "Yeah," I lied, "I can't believe what happened. Brandon is such a sweet guy" she said and I weakly smiled and my phone rang. I answered the phone, "Hello" i said, "Evelyn" I heard pattie cry. "Pattie is everything alright" I asked worried. "Justin.. he's really sick and I am worried. He's really depressed he won't get out of bed. He hasn't woken up lately and is hardly eating. He misses you. He needs you Evelyn" she said and I stayed quite. "I'll be there soon" I said and hung up. I quickly grabbed my keys and jacket. "Where are you going" Adelyn asked holding the mug. "Justin isn't feeling well" I said and she nodded. "I'll be back" I said and she smiled. I walked out the door and even though what Justin did hurt me, I still care for him. I stopped by the store and grabbed something quickly. After 5 min of driving I reached his house. I knocked on the door and Lil Za opened the door. I walked in and we hugged. "He's upstairs" he said and I began to walk up the stairs and he grabbed my hand. "thank you for coming" he said and I nodded. I reached his door and I knocked and Pattie opened the door and her eyes were red from crying. She hugged me, we pulled out and I handed her roses. "These are for him" I said and she smiled. "Thank you Evelyn" she said and I nodded. I saw justin there on his bed pale and he was sleeping. He looked really sick. I walked over to him and knelt down. "I'll leave you guys alone" Pattie said and closed the door. I looked at him and I hated to see him like that. I touched his hand and it was cold. "I'm sorry if I made you this way. If I'm the reason why" I said softly and I touched his forehead. I intertwined our hands and I rested my head on his bed and closed my eyes. 

I felt someone tap my shoulder and I opened my eyes and saw Pattie. "Hey, I made dinner. You must be hungry" she said and I stood up. "Thank you Pattie, but I am not gonna leave him" I said and she nodded. "I'll bring your food in here," she said and I nodded. I got up and we both walked out. "Pattie can we talk" I said and she looked at me. "of course" she said and I looked around and sighed. "I don't know where to start... remember when we went to New York. On his birthday we....." 

My eyes began to tear up and Pattie covered her eyes. Tears fell down from her eyes and she hugged me. "I don't want him to know, not yet. it will break his heart and that is the last thing I want to do." I said and she nodded. I wiped my tears and so did she. 


Justin's P.O.V 

I felt as if she was there with me. I kept my eyes close because I knew that if I woke up it would all be a dream. I felt as she was laying down next to me. I saw her in my dreams and I'm scared to wake up because I don't want to stop seeing her. I felt her touch and I had to wake up. I opened my eyes and It was dark except the night stand that shined very little light and my room door. I wiped my eyes and saw a woman standing there. The figure looked so familiar. I turned the lights on and she was standing there watching me. "Evelyn" I said, "Is that you" I said and stood up. "No I'm just seeing you in my dreams" I said and closed my eyes. "Justin" she said softly and walked closer. "It's me, Evelyn" she said and I walked over to her and hugged her. She hugged back and I hugged her tighter, " I am so sorry Evelyn" I said tearing up, "It's ok" she said softly and let go. She weakly smiled and I hugged her again.


Evelyn's P.O.V

"You woke up" Pattie said and me and Justin pulled out of the hug. Pattie hugged him, "thank God" she said and they pulled away. "I made you some dinner, do you want to come down and eat" she said and Justin nodded. "I'll see you downstairs" she said and walked out the door. "Can we talk" Justin said and I looked at him. "Not now, you need to eat and get well and then we will talk" I said and he nodded. We walked downstairs and sat down at the kitchen table. "I'm going back to Canada. My flight leaves in an hour. I'll see you guys again soon. Take care", "Ok thanks Mom, bye" Justin said. "Bye Pattie, be safe" I said and she smiled. "thank you" she said and walked out. It was quite and we were the only ones in the house. "Justin, we can't pretend this isn't hurting both of us" I said and he looked at me. "We can't keep going like this" I said and he stayed quite for a while. "then let's fix it" he said and I looked down. "I want us to be together again." he said


Justin's P.O.V 

She looked at me and her eyes were red. "Justin, I am trying so hard to not get hurt again" she said, " I won't hurt you" I said and she shook her head. "I've heard those words before" she said, " I'm sorry, but that's true. You don't know who I am anymore and you can't count on me" she said stuttering. She stood up and ran her hand through her hair. I stood up as well, "I'm sorry. But without you I can't sleep and I can't eat. I need you" I said and she didn't look at me. "Do you think it was easy for me too. I felt stupid thinking that you actually loved me. You came into my life when I needed someone and I quickly fell for you because I thought you would feel the same. But I guess it was all just part of your game and I was just another woman to you. I can't trust you anymore Justin" she said and began to walk out the door. I followed her out. "Evelyn wait, I did love you it was always you" I said and she stopped walking. "Then why did you cheat on me Justin, Why didn't you just break up with me if you didn't want to be with me. Do you know how you made me feel?. You made me feel worthless, You broke my heart" her eyes began to tear up. 


Evelyn's P.O.V 

"I was just.. " he stuttered a bit, he stared at the ground. "I was going through a hard time, people were telling me that I didn't deserve to be with you and our age difference. I believed them, I thought maybe I needed something to distract myself, because I had hurt you once before and one drink led to another. I was dumb and stupid for doing that and I am not going to lie it wasn't easy for me too. Pretending not to love you these last couple of months after our breakup was one of the hardest things I ever had to do and most of all I'm sorry i gave up on us when you never did" he said as tears escaped his eyes. He  looked at me and I was token back on what he said. "Why didn't you just talk to me" I looked at him, he stayed quite and he turned his head away. "The sad thing is, I actually thought you were different and every time I look at you it hurts" I said tearing up. "Believe me, you were the only thing in my life that was real and still are. It was always you, it's you or nobody else and it haunts me every time knowing that I am the reason behind your tears and I hate myself for that" he began to cry more. "I want to enjoy my life again but not in this way anymore" I said , "I care about you Evelyn, I care about your feelings more than mine. I want to be with you so badly" he begged. I walked a step closer, "I forgive you justin, But I just don't know what to believe, I don't think we can ever be together" I said, "I won't give up on us Ev" he said. It began to rain and he came closer. "I love you" he said touching my cheek. " I love you too, but not in that way anymore" I said and he closed his eyes. "Bye Justin" I said, "Please stay I need you" he begged and tears streamed down my eyes. He hugged me, I took a deep breath "We are messy and complicated, that's why I need you to let me go" I said and he hugged me tighter. "Please don't leave me" he whispered. We were both soaking wet, I pulled out of the hug and looked at him. "It's not the end, You've been together with her for more than 5 years. It's hard to let go of someone you've shared so much with. I'm just the moment. You can be happy and you were before me with her. And I don't want to get in the way of you being with someone you love. She was right, you belong together. And it's something I just now realized. Your not really in love with me, just the thought. We just happened to cross each other's paths. I guess that's why it's hard to let go. But I've learned now, I'm letting you go" I let go of his hand and took a step back. "But I will always be here when you need me" I said, "Promise, you won't forget about me Ev" he said, "I pr


Justin's P.O.V

"Promise, you won't forget about me Ev" I said, "I promise" she said and walked away and disappeared into the darkness. She left. She left me once again but this time, she took my heart with her. 

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