Dangerously In Love

"I never imagined the person I loved the most could break my heart so easily."
(Not all love stories have a happy ending.


26. Starting over

January 13


Evelyn's P.O.V

It's been a month since the breakup with me and Brandon. My feelings for him haven't completely faded. But I try to distract myself from being attached. I blamed myself for the breakup, because what if Justin and I never talked at the wedding. Me and Brandon probably would've still been together, but I remember what he told me that night. "Evelyn", I was snapped from my thoughts. I looked up, "he wants to talk" Jt said and I nodded. He walked out and he came in. He wore a white v neck shirt and dark jeans. He gave me a warm smile. I stood up and he walked over to me and hugged me. We pulled out, "How are you" he said, "I'm good, just a little tired and you " I said and he smiled. "Good too, but much better because I get to see you" he looked at me and I can tell he was a bit nervous. I smiled, "look Evelyn, I came because I wanted to talk in person. I am so sorry if I was the reason you and Brandon broke up, I really am" He said ashamed. "Justin, your not the reason why we broke up. It's fine trust me" I lied, he looked at me and I could tell he wasn't fully convinced. "Do you want to talk" he said and I shook my head. "Not here" I said, "Do you want to go for walk" he said. "Sure" I said and we both walked out the room. We walked quietly to the edge of the stage and sat down. "Tell me, I'm here for you" he touched my hand gently. I took a deep breath.


Justin's P.O.V

I hugged her, "it's ok, Ev it's not your fault. You are loved and beautiful inside and out and the most amazing person ever. Any man would be lucky to have you as their girl. He isn't worth it trust me" I said, "thanks Justin, that means a lot" she said. "Your welcome and you dropped your smile" I said and she looked at me confused and began to look on the floor. "Your smile, you dropped it" I said and she paused and looked at me and slightly laughed. She gave me the most beautiful and biggest smile. Oh how much I missed that smile. "There's that beautiful smile" I said and she blushed and hid herself in her sweatshirt. I put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her close. "Why are you hiding yourself, You are so beautiful" I said laughing a bit. She uncovered herself and looked at me. "Thanks Justin, for making me happy. Again." she said and that made me the happiest. "Hey Justin, I'm sorry I ignored you before.." she said and I cut her off. "No, you don't have to apologize. I should. Look we got in the wrong start. Can we start over. I want to make things right and be the one you can count on, when you need someone" I said and she gave me a warm smiled. "I'd love to start over", I smiled. "Hi, My name is Justin" my heart began beating fast and I stuttered a bit. I took my hand out for her to shake and we shook hands. Her hands were soft, "My name is Evelyn. Evelyn Carter". Her eyes were a bright green hazel and some blue. I got lost in her eyes. "Nice to meet you, Beautiful" I said and she laughed a bit. "Nice to meet you too" she said and I fell in love.

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