Dangerously In Love

"I never imagined the person I loved the most could break my heart so easily."
(Not all love stories have a happy ending.


19. Secretly


1 month later

Evelyn's P.O.V

He pulled over and put his motorcycle on park. He took off his helmet and walked over to me. He smiled and gave me hug. "Hey" he said and smiled. "Hi" I said and pushed my hair back. "You look beautiful" he said and he grabbed my hand. "Thanks you look fine yourself" I said and he chuckled. "Adelyn texted me if we were on our way, I got you this" he said taking a helmet out of the back seat. he handed it to me. "Thanks but I have never been on a motorcycle, despite the music video one" I said and he chuckled. We walked over to the motorcycle, and he sat in the front and I sat behind him. "You'll be fine, just hold on tight. I will protect you" he said and he put on his helmet and so did I. He started the motorcycle and we drove off.


Justin's P.O.V

"Hey Justin" hailey said as she sat down at the couch next to me. "Hi" I said softly, "What are you watching" she asked. She looked at the screen and stayed quite.

TMZ: "Evelyn was spotted on a motorcycle today earlier with a guy. People are wondering if it is Brandon with her.  A little bit of shade was thrown at Brandon by some fans, although Evelyn kept a positive outlook with her fans and respected their opinions about both guys. A couple of people got shots of them in the freeway and in the gas station. She even talked to some of them and one asked something about Justin bieber and this is what she had to say. Watch this video"

"Evelyn, Evelyn, Over here" a couple of guys and girls called for her

Evelyn took off her helmet and waved at them. She walked into the liquor store and the guy that was on the motorcycle was putting gas. The camera zoomed in the store and she walked out and the camera followed her. "Hi Evelyn, I love you" One of the guys said and she lightly smiled."I love you too" she said and another guy hugged her and took a picture. "Evelyn, are you planning something big" the person recording asked. "I wish I could tell you guys but I can't. Just expect a lot soon" she said and she took a picture with another person. "Hey Evelyn, he loves you so much. Date him, he wants to marry you. Since Bieber didn't put a ring on it. He wants to" the camera guy said pointing at a another guy and Evelyn looked at the guy, "Hey, should've came sooner" she joked and they laughed. "Thank you guys for your support. I love you guys so much"  

she said "We love you too, Evelyn, just like Justin" someone said and she barely smiled and she ignored the comment. "dude she's not with him" one of them said softly. "I have to go, bye guys, It was nice meeting all of you" she said and they all said bye and she started to walk away. "I'm sorry Evelyn, we support you, both of you" one of them screamed, and she gave them a thumbs on and she put her helmet on and wrapped her hands around the guys waist and they drove off.

"What a video, let us know what you think about it and Whether you are team #Jevelyn or team #Brevdon. We will see you guys next time" 

I turned off the t.v and Hailey looked at me, "team Jevelyn" she said and smiled. I weakly smiled and she touched my hand.


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