Dangerously In Love

"I never imagined the person I loved the most could break my heart so easily."
(Not all love stories have a happy ending.


3. I'm sorry I love you

Evelyn's P.O.V


I looked out of the dark window shield and my security opened the door for me. "Thank you" I said softly and he smiled and nodded and I walked out of the car and my whole family and friends were there. "Surprise" they yelled and I covered my mouth and they all ran to me and hugged me. "We missed you" my cousins hugged me and I giggled, "I missed you guys more" I said and they smiled, "We'll meet you inside, come on guys" they all ran inside the house and I playfully rolled my eyes. "Evelyn" I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around ms and saw my old guy friend Javier. I shrieked and I hugged him, "omg I missed you" he chuckled and I pulled out of the hug. "I missed you too", "well no time no see" he pinched my cheeks and I giggled. "I want to walk around my hometown and refresh my mind, can you take me please with my brother" I did a puppy dog face and he he rolled his eyes playfully. "Sure" he said looking at me and I jumped up. "Yay thanks, I'm gonna go get ready because I look like shit" I ran inside and then realized I didn't have any of my stuff so I ran back outside and grabbed my little suitcase and ran back inside and he was laughing at me. I went upstairs to my old room and changed into some black shorts and a gray loose blouse and some gray knee high socks and My high heel combat boots. I put on some eyeliner and mascara and walked out the door. I said good bye to my mom and the rest of my family. I walked out if the house and Javier was talking to my brother. "Hey" my brother hugged me and we both pulled away. "Hey" I smiled, "ready diva" he looked at my outfit and I playfully punched his arm. We got in my car that took me everywhere and I sat in the back with them and my securities were driving in the front. The car pulled over after 5 min of driving and we got out. One of my security went in front of us and the other one was behind us and me and my brother were walking side by side and Javier was behind us. "Can I get a new phone" I asked and my brother and he nodded and we walked inside the apple store. I walked around the different devices and Javier touched my shoulder, I turned to look at him and he pointed out the store and paparazzi were outside taking pictures. I sighed and he chuckled and picked up an I PAD and took a picture of me. "Ha people will go crazy if they see this photo" he turned off the I pad and I went back looking at the rest of the stuff. I got a phone and walked to the cash register and paid for the phone. I walked over to Javier and he was goofing around. "I'm done let's go" I said as i started walking over to the door and my brother followed behind and Javier behind my brother. "Why can't they ever leave me alone" I softly said as the paparazzi kept taking pictures. "Evelyn, ignore them they don't have anything better to do, well I mean you are beautiful like why not" he raised and eyebrow and I bit my lip and sighed. "Thanks, but I wanted to enjoy my time without being followed" I looked down as I walked and he put his hand around my neck and I looked up at him and he saw the paparazzi taking pictures and he quickly moved his hand and put them in his pockets. "We better leave before they start some nasty rumor" my brother looked at me and I nodded. "Can we go down to the beach it's pretty close pretty please" I looked around and my brother chuckled, "sure hurry" we left and Javier kept his distance away so people didn't think we were together.



Javier's P.O.V


We reached the beach and Evelyn took off her high heels and her security hold it for her as I laughed at her for being such a weirdo. She ran to the sand and acted like a little 4 year old girl. "Should I go with her or stay" Evelyn's Brother shrugged. "Yeah why not go ahead" I smiled and took off my shoes and ran over to her. I took off my shirt and threw it on the sand and threw myself in the ocean. The water was cold and I shivered. Evelyn lightly smiled, but It wasn't that same smile when I first met her. When we became friends, it was like she is forced to smile now and it's not the same. I loved her smile it was the cutest but now it's gone ever since the breakup and now it's like she can never be happy again. I walked out of the water and touched her cheek and she shivered and ran away from me. "Evelyn" I chased after her and grabbed her hand and carried her up a little and put her feet in the water and she screamed. "Javier its cold.." She said shivering and I laughed so hard and she threw water at me and I chuckled and threw some at her and she screamed and walked out of the ocean and ran back to the side walk and I picked up my shirt from the sand and ran over there.



Evellyn's P.O.V


My security gave me a jacket and I put it on. "Had fun" my brother chuckled and I rolled my eyes playfully. "Evelyn" a girls voice was so familiar, I turned around and saw my best friend kimmy. I ran up to her and hugged her, "hey kimbo" I pulled out of the hug and she had watery eyes. "Aww don't cry kim" I gave her a high five and she laughed. "That's why I love you" ,Javier came up to us and gave a kiss to her on the lips. "Hey Evellyn, want me to take you a picture with your friends" my brother asked and I shook my head yes. I handed him the phone and he took us a picture but I couldn't smile, because of too much pain my heart has of him. justin. "There, now Evelyn you and Javier by yourself then kimmy" Javier put his hand around my shoulder and my brother took the photo and then with Kimmy. "I'm cold can we leave" they all nodded, "yes princess" they all said at the same time and I shrugged. We all quickly ran to the car and drove back home. I said goodbye to my friends and my brother. I ran upstairs to my room and laid on my bed. Why can't I move on like he did, I asked myself. I got up from my bed and opened my old closet and saw an old Justin bieber poster that I had when I was younger. "I'm sorry I love you" I whispered and I took off the poster off of the closet door and fold the poster and put it on my bed.




Justin's P.O.V


I shot the basketball in the hoop and it made it in and I ran to get it and passed it to lil Za and he shot it in too. I sat down on the floor and Khalil and Lil Za sat beside me. "Dude what's up with you" lil Za said rolling me the basket ball. "I'm just.. I don't know I just miss.." Khalil cut me off. "Dude but you let her go and she is pretty broken dude she won't smile for anything, you hurt her really bad Bro" It stayed quite. "I know but I didn't mean too and now I hate myself for it, I screwed up and I regret everything" I looked down at the ground. "Justin, Bro there's some photos of Evelyn that was taken today" lil Za passed me his phone and I looked at the picture and it was a collage and the picture was of her with a 2 guys and one of them was close to her. I clicked on another photo and she was at the beach with the guy and they were playing. I sighed and closed my eyes hoping I didn't cry. "Dude that guy looks like he can have a chance with her no kidding, he posted a photo of her but I don't think you should see it bro", "I want to see it" lil Za shrugged and he gave me his phone again.

Javiersolisth: Love her, Evelyn #FinallyBackHome

*he had his arm around her shoulder and he was shirtless and they were wet and Evelyn was looking at him*


I gave the phone back to Lil Za and I stayed speechless. "Don't worry, You have a girl she's not yours anymore and you can't do the same thing you did to Evellyn" Khalil said getting up from the ground and so did lil Za. I sat there hurt, "Evelyn I'm sorry" I said softly so only I can for only me to here.

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