Dangerously In Love

"I never imagined the person I loved the most could break my heart so easily."
(Not all love stories have a happy ending.


17. Grand Piano

Evelyn's P.O.V 

I stared at the number of my messages he sent me. I didn't bother to read them, I dialed his number and called him. "Evelyn" he said it sounded like he had been crying. I stayed quite for a while. "look Evelyn I'm so sorry I never meant to hurt you. I'm sorry Ev." I closed my eyes and a tear fell down. "Justin I don't want to keep going like this. I can't keep letting this get in the way of us being happy" I said. "You are my happiness, I can't find anyone else. I want to see your face" he begged. "I don't think that will make things better" I said, "I promise you are the only one"

"I saw the pictures Justin, and I keep seeing more" I could feel a lump in my throat. He stayed quite. "Bye Justin" I said, "wait Ev, I'm sorry" he said and I hung up. I closed my eyes to try and hold back the tears. I looked in the mirror and fixed myself. The door opened, "Are you ready, Ms. Carter. Your on in 5" My body guard asked. "Yes thank you" I said and walked out of the door. He escorted me to the stage and people came and fixed my dress and the microphone stand. "Now give it up for Evelyn Carter" everyone cheered and the lights changed. 

"Am I just a fool, blind and stupid for loving you, am I just a silly girl so young and naive to think you were, the one who came to take claim of this heart cold hearted shame you'll remain just a frame in the dark. The people are talking, the people are saying, That you have been playing my heart like a grand piano. The people are talking, the people are saying, that you have been playing my heart like a grand piano, So play on, play on, play on"

I touched the microphone and the emotions started to come. Every memory from good to bad. 

"Am I queen of fools, wrapped up in lies and foolish jewels
What do I see in you? Maybe I am addicted to all the things you do

'Cause I keep thinking you were the one who came to take claim of this heart. The people are talking, the people are saying

That you have been playing my heart like a grand piano
The people are talking, the people are saying
That you have been playing my heart like a grand piano
So play on, play on, play on
Play on, play on, play on
Play on, play on, play on
Play on, play on"
  The violin started to play and everyone cheered and stood up. I held the tears from coming down. I thought of him and I saw Brandon and Adelyn standing and cheering. The lights went out and I walked backstage, "You did great Evelyn" Jt smiled, "Thanks" I said. "Evelyn" I turned around and saw Brandon and Adelyn. "Beautiful performance" Adelyn said and gave me a high five. "I'm going to my dressing room" I said and Adelyn nodded. "I'll wait for you over there" She pointed to the other side and I nodded. I reached my dressing room and touched the knob. "Evelyn" I turned around and I saw Brandon jogging over where I was. He gave me a hug and I felt as if all of my worries were gone. A tear fell down, "Its ok, you are going to be alright" he said calmly in my ear. I broke the hug and he lightly smiled. I saw the cameras were recording and asked my body guard to cover them up. I opened the dressing room and got in and so did Brandon. He closed the door, and I  couldn't  help but let the tears fall down. " Hey, Hey. Don't cry" he said and pulled me close. "I can't do this" I said and he lifted my chin up, "Yes, you can it is just the beginning and that was the past" he wiped my tears. "Smile, I don't want to see you cry. It breaks my heart. Because you mean a lot to me" he said and I lightly smiled. He smiled and I lightly giggled. "what" I said and he kept his smile big. "There has been something I have been wanting to do"  He looked at me and started to lean in closer. His lips met mine and we kissed. He touched my shoulder and we broke the kiss. "Your kisses are the best," he said and I looked down and blushed. "I love you and I'd love for you to be mine" he said and I looked at him. "Brandon.. I can't date. not right now. not in public" I said stuttering a bit. He grabbed my hand, "then I will wait" he said and I smiled. 


Justin's P.O.

I saw her performance, she looked so beautiful and elegant. She wore a black and gold dress that fit perfectly and showed off her body. Her hair was straight and split to the side. I turned off the t.v and closed my eyes. I miss her so much. I'm so stupid I shouldn't have hurt her like that. I regret everything I did on that New York night at the club. 

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