Dangerously In Love

"I never imagined the person I loved the most could break my heart so easily."
(Not all love stories have a happy ending.



2 days later

Evelyn's P.O.V

I touched the door knob and I pulled the door and made my way in. Justin Timberlake my manager immediately approached me and I greeted him. We made our way to the front desk and the lady gave us a welcoming smile and handed our name tags. I smiled and thanked her and we made our way to the other side of the building without saying a word to each other. "You know one of the people that are gonna be here is someone that your going to work with in the new project" He said opening another door. I looked at him and nodded and we walked out. Everyone stared at us with big bright smiles. I looked at JT and he walked over to them and I followed behind him. He started talking to the ladies about something and I curiously looked around and made my way to the beautiful sculpted water fountain of a guy holding a mermaid in his arms and one of his hands touching her cheek. I stared at it for a while,  'It's beautiful isn't it" I turned my head to where the manly and calming voice was at. His  light brown eyes were locked on to mine and his eyes sparkled, "It is" I said looking back at the statue. The water was falling in many directions which I admired so much. "I'm sorry to bother you, my name is Brandon", I turned to look at him and I shook his hand. "My name is..." he cut me off, "Your Evelyn I know, you are even more beautiful in person" he said with a smile, I smiled "Thank you" I said starring into his eyes and getting lost into them. " I guess you met each other already" I turned around breaking the eye contact. JT stood there with a big smile. "Yeah" he said staring at me. "Fantastic, I'll leave you guys alone", he walked away and I turned to face Brandon. 



Justin's P.O.V

I stuck the needle into my vein. Hurting a bit, I laid my back and watched the whole room spin around. I closed my eyes and forgot about all my emotions. I loved the pain it reminds me how I hurt her and how much pain I brought her. It was the only time I got too see her in my mind and talk to her. I took my phone out of my pocket and turned it on. A picture of us displayed as my wallpaper, I smiled at the picture of us kissing. Memories flashed instantly, the best times of my life. I closed my eyes and pictures of her smiling was all I could see, making my heart beat faster. "See her" I opened my eyes and stood up from my bed. I saw him watching me with a serious face. "what the fuck are you doing here" I yelled pushing him to the wall. He stayed quite, making me yell again "Tell me what you are doing here or I swear I am going to kill you" I said ready to take a hit. "Thinking about the same person you are, I guess we both lost the same person we love the most" I looked at him angrily. "We both hurt her badly, but the difference is that I didn't hurt her mentally just physically. You hurt her in the worst way, not even I did. You broke her heart terribly and if you could see it, you'd be in tears. Forget about her, don't you think you hurt her enough and stupid enough you still keep hurting her. You never loved her you just loved the thought that every guy wanted to be with her but she was yours. Remember what you did to her!! The bruises you did to her yesterday!!! You used her and cheated on her 2 times", "shut up" I yelled punching him repeatedly. My fists made a whole into the wall. My breath out of control, fists bloody red, I made my way to my bed and picked up the needle. Ready to put more drugs into my body. "Don't" her calming voice echoed across the room, I saw her standing in the middle of my room. "Don't do it" she said with a worried face, "Evelyn.." I said stuttering. Tears dropped down to my cheeks, "It's ok Justin" I walked closer to her, wanting to feel her presence. " You can let go now Justin, because I did. Start a new life" Evelyn looked at me with pleading eyes. "It's ok, you already did. It hurts to see the person you love, love and be with someone else", I looked down, seeing the dark purple and black bruises on her arm. I looked back at her and the cut on her bottom lip. She saw me staring at her bruises and she pulled her arm away. "what happened to you ev, who did this to you?" I asked desperately. Her eyes blood shot, she touched my cheek  , as a tear slipped down her cheek. 

"Then stop loving me" I yelled at her, " I can't Justin" she cried back. " I never loved you, I just used you for my own needs. Do you really think I actually loved you" I said pushing her to the wall. My hands had a tight grip on her arm. "Justin, your hurting me" she cried as she winced in pain. I let go of her as she fell to the glass table hitting her lip against it, dropping the vase of red roses. Landing on the floor breaking into pieces. The water in the vase spilled all over the ground and the glass was everywhere. I got close to her and she moved away. "Ev.." she cut me off "Save it" she looked at me like I was a monster. Her face was filled with hurt and fear. "Don't come looking for me because I don't want to see you ever again. I'll leave you alone and won't bother you again I promise. Goodbye Justin" she said stuttering. "Justin where are you" someone called, I looked over to the door and turned back to see her and she was gone. Just the stained glass with blood on it.


I looked at her and she let go of my cheek. "Did I do this to you... Ev I am so sorry" I said crying, a tear slipped down her cheek. "goodbye justin" she said looking into my eyes. She was walking away from me "Evelyn wait don't leave me PLEASE!!" I cried walking closer to hug her as she did too. BOOM!!! she had a blanked face expression and she looked down to her stomach. I looked down and she was bleeding. She dropped down to her knees and I catched her holding her in my arms. "evelyn your gonna be ok"I said trying to stop the blood. "Justin.. At least I got to see you one last time" she said stuttering "Don't say that evelyn" , "Ju..sstiinn, she killed m.." I cut her off "Don't speak Ev, your hurting yourself" I tucked a piece of her behind her ear. "she killed ourr.. ba.." she cried as I wiped her tears. "I love you justin" her eyes closed. "Evelyn.... Evelyn don't leave me again. I love you" I cried. "I love you" I kissed her lips one last time and cried just letting the tears fall. "Justin, you can let go now" I looked up and saw Avalanna sitting on my bed. I freaked out and stared at her," She's gone justin, but you can still get her back. But you have to listen to me before it is too late. It's not going to be easy but if you want her it would be worth it. She already let go, but I know there is nothing like you guys and no love like the one you guys have for each other. People are gonna tear you guys apart because they can't have you guys together" she looked at me. "what was she trying to tell me" I asked and she sighed. "I can't tell you, justin she needs to tell you. I'm sorry justin about the loss" she said, "what do you mean loss?" I asked. "Get her, make her yours, protect her, but you have to do it first before they get her and it would be too late, I believe in you justin. Don't lose another person you love, She's trying to trick you into hating the person you love the most because she doesn't want her to be with you. She will do anything to hurt the person you love, she already teared you and evelyn apart. Don't make her do it again.", "Wait who, how do I make evelyn tell me what you can't tell me" I begged wanting to know. "S.. The one who is going to tear you guys apart. When you see the rose in the ground and see the door open in your room then you will hear the sound of her phone ringing. She will watch her phone and not pick up, but you hold her close and don't answer the phone. Bye justin, good luck" she said and I cried. "Avalanna wait" she was gone and I was left in my room breaking down.




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