Dangerously In Love

"I never imagined the person I loved the most could break my heart so easily."
(Not all love stories have a happy ending.


28. Closer


Justin's P.O.V

They chanted her name, she fixed her mic . "Are you ready L.A" She said and every one cheered. The music started playing and she began to sing. "Turn up" Lil Za said and I laughed. I danced to her music, she looked beautiful as always and her dancing made me go crazy. Drake, Demi Lovato, JT and his wife, and many celebrities came to her concert. She finished her concert, me and Za walked backstage.    Evelyn's P.O.V  I guess you could say that me and Justin have gotten a lot closer. It's been great to be able to hang out with someone who can make you smiled and laugh again. We've hung out a couple times and tonight he visited me in one of my concerts. Earlier today, we hung out, eating and catching up on things. I took a sip of my water bottle, "Ev... Ev" I turned around and saw justin with a big smile spread across his face. I smiled and we hugged. "Fantastic job" he said and we pulled out. "Amazing show" Za said and we hug, "thanks guys, I'm glad you guys enjoyed it" I said. We walked down the hallway, "Where is your next show" Justin asked curious. "Today is my last day in the U.S, I tour in Europe next" I sighed, "I hope you have fun and enjoy yourself" he looked at me smiling. "Evelyn" Drake said and I smiled, we hugged. "I loved your performance, can we take a picture. I have to have one" he said taking out his phone. I smiled, "Sure", we stood next to each other. "Justin can you take it" Drake said, "yeah" he grabbed his phone and Drake put his arm around my waist. "Perfect" Justin said and handed his phone back. "Thanks bro, and thank you Evelyn. Good luck on the rest of your tour" he gave me one last hug.    Justin's P.O.V Drake said goodbye and it was just me and Evelyn. "Thank you again, for coming. I have to leave, my plane leaves in 30 min" she said and I nodded. "Ok, hey Ev can I walk you to your bus" I said and she smiled. "Sure", we walked and Za was behind us talking to her cousins. We walked outside the arena and over to her bus. Her securities were packing her luggage onto the bus. There were a bit of flashes and I knew they were the paparazzi. "I'll see you soon, Bieber" she hasn't called me that since forever and for some reason I loved it. I smiled, "Promise" I said and she smiled, "Promise". She went into her tour bus and her friends/cousins smiled at me and walked in. I smiled to myself, "goodnight beautiful" I whispered before Za and I walked away.
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