Dangerously In Love

"I never imagined the person I loved the most could break my heart so easily."
(Not all love stories have a happy ending.


16. Cheater?

2 weeks later

Evelyn's P.O.V

"Evelyn come see this" Adelyn said and j stood up and walked over to the living room. I looked at the t.v

" Justin Bieber a cheater, well people are blaming Evelyn for going in and ruining the relationship with Justin's recent breakup with his girlfriend. After a photo release that a Papparazzi took when Justin was at night by himself and the photographer snapped a photo of Justin's phone of what looks like a photo of him and Evelyn. He was kissing her cheek as they both had their hands intertwined. But that is not all an anonymous person shared a photo and a video with Tmz of What is Justin cheating on Evelyn. He was at the NYC night club and wasted when they were taken. In the video he gets close to a blonde women and they both danced super close. Tell us what you think and we will see you next time"

She turned off the t.v and looked at me worried. I was shocked and emotional, the door bell ranged and she walks over to the door and opened it. Hands wrapped around me and hugged me, "it's ok" Brandon said holding me tightly. I sobbed on his shoulder and he rubbed my back. I pulled out of the hug and wiped my tears.


Justin's P.O.V

"Justin do you know what you did" my mom said angrily. "I can't imagine how she must feel" she said biting her nails. "I know mom, I'm so sorry. I screwed up like I always do. I .. Need to talk to her" I said and she sighed, "Justin can I talk to you" Za said walking in and my mom walked out the door. "You can't just sit there letting all of this happen, Justin you know that she is hurt. I talked to her and I couldn't even imagine the pain she was feeling. You need to do something, or someone will take your spot and you can be replaced so quickly. Anyone would be lucky to be with her and call her mine. You will see another person take your spot and do all the things you never did. They will love her endlessly and be there with her throughout the time he Can and she will be loved" he said almost in a scream. I stood there quite, "you need to stop whining about how you lost her and start doing something or forget about her and move on damn it" he said with anger in his eyes. He walked out the room and I looked at myself in the mirror and punched it making it shatter.


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