Dangerously In Love

"I never imagined the person I loved the most could break my heart so easily."
(Not all love stories have a happy ending.


22. 6 months later

December 1st

Justin's P.O.V 

"Evelyn Carter, the biggest female pop star in the whole world" 

"Sold millions of copies on her 'Moment' album in less than a day"

"Nominated for 5 Grammy's and will be performing this year" 

"Artist of the year, Evelyn Carter"

"Left us in surprise with some hot stuff"

"Could this possibly Evelyn Carter's new boyfriend"

" 'Moment world tour' sells out all concerts"


This all happened in September  when she released her album, she was everywhere and I missed her. I haven't seen her in almost half than a year, since the visit. She attended so many award shows and always walked out with 1 or more in her hand. Not to mention the grammy's that she's been nominated for. She is so successful and Beautiful, everyone wants to get their hands on her. I still can't get that video of her and another guy out of my head. She was happy and I was proud she was but I wish it was me making her smile. We kept in touch for a while, only Hi's through text message, but I haven't heard from her for a while. It's like she forgot about me. Which made me go a bit more crazy. It was a wedding and I was invited. I fixed my tie and took a deep breath. 



Evelyn's P.O.V 

I was handed a drink, me and JT were talking. "It looks beautiful" I said and he nodded. "It is, got an idea for your wedding" he said and I chuckled. "Not for a while" I said and he laughed. "Sure" he said and took a sip of his drink. "Evelyn" I turned to the side and saw him. He stood there a couple feet away. "Justin" I said and he walked closer. He hugged me and he had his hands around my waist. I pulled out of the hug, I smiled and so did he. "You look beautiful as always" he said staring down at my 'dress'. "Thanks, I love your suit" I said and he smiled brightly. "Thanks Ev" he said, it has been a long time since he has called me that when we were dating. "Evelyn" Scooter said and I smiled,"Hi" I said and we shook hands. "Nice to see you again, and congrats on your bright career" he said and I smiled. "Thank you" I said. "I'll leave you guys alone" he said and walked over to JT that wasn't far away just a couple inches. Justin smiled. "So much for leaving us alone" he said and I smiled. "Seriously, it's gucci though" I said and he chuckled. "So are you going to stay in Las Vegas" he said and I shook my head. "I tour tomorrow out of the country, well not really touring but I am going to do a free concert in the Philippines and do some work, then after that I start touring in 2 week, starting in L.A then I do the rest of the world" I said and he looked a little disappointed. "Wow for how long are you going to tour" he said. "About a year and 3 months, You should come by sometime" I said and he smiled. "I'd love to,". The bride and the Groom started to dance. "They are so perfect together" I said, "They are" he looked at them dance then he looked at me. It was quite for a while, He slowly leaned in and kissed my cheek. I was surprised, I didn't say anything and he quickly reacted. "I'm sorry... I didn't mean..." I cut him off, "it's ok, well I have to go find my seat" I said and he weakly smiled.


Justin's P.O.V

"I'll see you around" she smiled making me smile back. "Promise" I said and she smiled, "Promise" she said and turned around and her and JT walked over to their table. I watched her every move. She was beyond gorgeous. "In love" Scooter joked, and I chuckled. "I don't know" I said and he nodded. "She won't believe me if I told her" I said and he touched my shoulder. "Well she is leaving again" he said and she hugged the bride and the groom and disappeared once again.

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