Nice to meet you

Rosalie Lightwood. Clary and Jace's kid. She has a little family that was perfect with her little brothers Lucas and Martin. Everything in her life was perfect. Then she met Jamie.


2. Coffeshop

Irina's POV

Once we reached the coffeshop Gale ran to order for us. I just smiled while Rose laughed of his kindness. "Guess we have to find a place to sit" I said and sat down at the nearest chair. There were actally not many people here, like it justed to be.

Rose sat down next to me. "Here's your coffe" Gale said while he gave us our cups and sat down." Rose, we need to something for your birthday" I said " My family problay have some plans so you don't need to do something" she replied. We heard the door close and we all looked at the entrance. There was two handsome boys and a shy girl

"Anyways, I thought that later on we could..." Gale started but stopped and looked at Rose.

"Rosalie, are you okay?" He asked when I turned to look at her. Her eyes were glued to the group that just walked in. "Yeah, I'm fine" Rose said as she turned to look at us. "Can we leave?" She asked us. "But we just go..." "Please?" Rosalie begged. "Fine" Gale said and stood up. Rose started to walk out of the shop I took a moment to look at the boy Rose was so caught up in. He was still staring at her until he noticed that I looked at him. "Are you coming?" Gale asked after a little while." Yeah I'm coming" I said and walked out after them.

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