The Cook's Hand

Bound to a life of pre-made decisions and certain destiny, Lady April is determined to make, for once, her own decisions. But convincing her parents will be easier said than done.


1. Preface

  Quite often you’ll find that your love blooms from someone else’s.  Your husband may be the product of your good girlfriend’s flirtatious manner.  In looking his was and playing the fool, assuming it was love, she brought your eye to dine on that dashing young fellow. 

  I didn’t fall in love with my parents.  That’s not what I’m getting at.  But it was their love of various things that blossomed in various forms, which brought forth my own. 

  I loved him because he was different.  Together, we were different.  My kind of different. 

  This is the tale of my eighteen year old self, with all its lanky and awkward features, and just exactly how it fell for Edward Manning.

  It is as true to my heart as can be. Most probably not how Edward would have liked to remember it. But, he gave me a perspective on life that I can’t keep tamed because he was the only man that I’ve ever, truly, loved.  

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