Love The Impossible

it is a larry stylinson.


2. Chapter 2- Management!



          I wake up and I lift my head off of a hard yet comfortable pillow. I look at the pillow and it’s not a pillow. It’s Harry’s bare chest. I have to remind myself that we made up and that he can’t sleep in anything but his underwear or he starts to get to hot and he’ll dehydrate in his sleep. The last time that happened, we got in a fight and he stayed with Zayn and no one feels comfortable like that with him in the house with just them. I mean, we all love Zaynie-Waynie, but no. I move silently out of bed, trying not to wake Harry, and grab some clean clothes and went to the bathroom and got in the shower. I slam shampoo on my hair, scrubbing it until I got it in my eye. I start screaming because my eyes are really sensitive and this doesn’t help. I reach around for my rag and realized I forgot to get one.

“Boo! Boo! LOUIS!” I hear Harry yell.

“Bathroom! Soap in eyes!” I yell and he runs in.

“Boo?!” he asks.

“My eyes are burning!” I scream.

“Oh, I thought it was important…” I can hear the smirk in his voice.

“Styles, I will kill you! Help me get the shampoo out of my eyes!” I try to clean my eyeballs.

“Oh, fine.” He takes my head & holds open my eye as water runs into it.

“My god, Louis! Give your eye a bath, why don’t you?” he jokes.

“Not funny, Haz. It hurts.” I whine.


          After we got the shampoo out of my eye & hair, Harry handed me a towel & left. I felt a little exposed when he was in here but I shouldn’t. I mean, we all change in front of each other, especially me & Harry! But I still felt exposed. I’ve never felt like that in my entire life!

          I put my black t-shirt on but it felt too tight, so I took it off. I put on my red skinny jeans but they were too tight, so I ran to my room and shut my door. I grab some more clothes and throw them on. Too tight! Am I getting fat?! I scream in frustration. I hear a knock on my door as I threw off the clothes. I open the door that showed me Harry.


“My clothes won’t fit. They’re too tight. I’m getting fat.” I cross my arms as he looks at the clothes on my bed.

“Put them on.” He commands. I throw them back on and show them to him.

“They look like they fit. I mean, your shirt is still pretty loose.” He slides his hand up my shirt, indicating how loose it really is.

“But it feels like it’s choking me.” I hear myself say as he removes his hand.

“I don’t know, Boo. Maybe it’s because you are putting down on yourself.” He sighs.

“But, Harry. I can’t breathe in this.” I whine. I really can’t breathe.

“Here, you can wear some of mine, Boo.” He pulls me by my shirt to his room.

          As he looks in his closet, I look around his room. I spot our picture in the photo frame that said, “My Boobear & Me!” I laugh at the photo. We were in a photo booth at the mall and we look like we were in love, which was sorta the plan. We did it for the heck of it.

 “Here Louis, try this.” He hands me his Love Is Equal t-shirt and dark skinny jeans. I put them on and somehow they fit perfectly. I look at him.

“They fit. I can breathe.” I smile as he smiles back. He pats my head because he’s taller than me.  I give him my pouty face. I don’t like it when people pat my head, not even him.

“Oh, c’mon, Boo. It’s fun.” He laughs.

“No, I don’t like it. Now, get ready so you can make me waffles and maybe we won’t be late again for this interview.” I smirk.

“Get out then, Mr. Tomo.” He laughs. I walk out and go downstairs to check the news. And what I see is not what I expected.


          As I put on Louis’s Love Is Equal t-shirt, because he’s wearing mine, I hear Louis scream. I hopped downstairs, pulling up my pants. I enter the living room & come to a complete stop. I found Louis curled up on the couch, crying, and the T.V. paused. On something I never wanted to see. Eleanor. I hated her. She treated Louis like a freaking dog and she needs to be “Payne Slapped”. I squatted down next to him and hugged him.

“Shh, it’s okay, boo.” I whisper sweetly into his ear.

“No, Harry, listen to her.” He rewinds the T.V. and hits play.

“Louis Tomlinson is a no good, gay, woman beater, and he sleeps around with guys, especially Harry Styles.” She said… On national T.V. None of that was true. Louis loved Eleanor. He wasn’t gay. He didn’t beat women. And he definitely didn’t sleep around with me.

“Umm… Louis… I’m gonna get one of the boys to come get you for the interview… Just keep watching the news.” I start for the door until I hear Louis whimper.

“Boo, I’ll be back. I promise.” I smile at him, walk out the door, and dial Niall’s number.

“Hey, Niall. I need you guys to get Louis.” I tell him.


          He left me. He left me alone in our flat. Because there was something more important than being here to comfort me. I hurt now because of Eleanor Calder, my “girlfriend”. I stayed in my curled position as Niall walks in my living room and Harry shows up on the T.V. set. I look at the screen as he speaks.

“First thing’s first, Eleawhore. Louis is not gay. He doesn’t sleep around any guy that includes me. And he defiantly is not a woman beater. And if he was, I wouldn’t blame him for beating you. I would beat you, too.” Harry said to Eleanor. Niall, of course, says, “Burn!” I just stare at the screen and I feel weak, knowing that my Haz has told Eleanor off. Of course I love her, but the truth is, she doesn’t love me. I know she doesn’t and the sad thing is, I won’t leave her. I won’t believe that she doesn’t love me. But all that ends today. Right now. I reach over and grab my phone and dial her number.
“Hello?” I hear her voice.

“Eleanor. I’m through believing that you and I could be something great. I’m through crying myself to sleep knowing that you don’t really love me. You only love to see me breaking and I’m through being broken. I’m through with us… with you.” I say and Niall’s eyes got big with excitement and started texting Liam probably. Harry looks at his phone and starts texting. I know exactly who Niall is texting.

“Are you breaking up with me?” She asks, fake tears swelling up in her eyes.

“Why else would I say all that?” I answer. Next thing I saw, Harry had dropped to the ground with blood rushing from his body. Eleanor was being held back by some interviewers and she held her pocketknife in her hand… covered with… Harry’s blood. I went cold and screamed. Niall grabbed my hand and dragged me to the car as he told me to call Liam and Zayn to get to the hospital because we all know that’s where Harry is going now.


*3 Hours Later…* *Louis*

“Is Harry okay?” Zayn asked the doctor and I just stood there like a knot on a log. I couldn’t think. It because of me that Harry is in the hospital. I should have waited to break up with her after Harry was back with me.

“His ribs have been cracked pretty badly with impact of the knife and the ground. But other than that, he’s fine.”  The doctor told us. I sighed a sigh of relief. My best mate was going to be alright. As long as Eleanor stayed away from him. My phone vibrated and I look at the name. Anne Styles. Dear Lord, how am I supposed to tell her? I answer the phone.

“’Ello?” I spoke. The boys looked at me and I mouth “Anne” and they sit down not worried.

“Louis, is he okay?” She spoke calmly. How can people be so calm when Harry is in the freaking hospital and there’s nothing we can do to change that?!

“H-he’s o-o-k-ay-y… the doctor said his ribs are cracked pretty badly from the impact on the knife and the ground.  Other than that, h-he’s c-co-ol.” I tell her about what the doctor said.

          After I hung up, Simon motioned me outside. I follow him to his white Mercedes Benz.

“Look, Louis, I know you care about Harry, but you can’t act all lovey- dovey with him.” My  eyes widen at his words.

“What do you mean ‘All lovey- dovey’? Harry is my best mate, not my boyfriend! I’m straight!” I let him know.

“Alright, I mean on stage. You can’t let the Larry fans have any Larry moments anytime soon. I think we’re gonna have to let Niam have some fun.”

“Or Niam and Ziall… AND Ziam!” I let my ideas run wild. A three- way bromance! Now that’s something that fans won’t forget!

“I like that idea, Tomlinson. Now, just to let you know, I’m allowing you to go see Harry first. He doesn’t really look like himself. Okay?” Simon tells me.

“Only thing I care about is, is he awake?” I ask. He nods yes  and I ran inside to Harry room like a weasel on fire. I open his door after I catch my breath and see what Simon meant. He was sickly pale and his beautiful chocolate curly hair was straight because sweat. But really hit me was his eyes. When he looked at me, his usual sharp emerald green eyes where dull seafoam green.

“Hey, Haz.” I sit in the chair beside him. He smiles at me so I force one back.

“Hey, Boo.” He sighs.

“Thanks for doing that for me.” I thank him for what he did early today.

“No problem. No one talks about my Boobear like that. Nope.” He gets all defensive, which causes me to laugh.

“I’m sorry… that Eleanor… h-hu-rt y-yo-you…”

“Boo, it wasn’t your fault. She was just being a… a word I can’t say. And besides, I’ve told you a million times already, I’d die for any of you. But mostly you. You think it doesn’t hurt to be stabbed and then think of what you might be losing. It does. But right then, the only thing, the only person that came to my mind was you. How this supposed to affect him? How is he supposed to stay healthy, cause we all know you can’t cook. I had so many questions going on in my head, that I didn’t care if I died, as long as I died for you.” He told me and I started to sob. Hard. My heart hurt, my eyes burned, my everything hurt. I love Harry. I really do. I just pushed those feelings to side but now he’s brought them back.

“Boo, why are you crying?” He asks.

“B-beca-cause, I- I don’t want-t you to d-d-die…” I sobbed on. Honestly, if he were to die, there would be no One Direction and I would be a freaking zombie.

“Hey, I’m not gonna die. Not tonight anyway. You have nothing to worry about.” He kisses the back of my hand and I draw in a shaky breath.

“No more Larry Stylinson on stage for a while, alright? We’ll let Niam, Ziam, and Ziall have some fun.” I laugh. He smiles.

“Okay, only as long as Larry can happen at the flat. NOT LIKE THAT!” He insists. I know he’s straight. He knows I’m gay. He said, “Oh well. I mean, honestly, I would date you I were gay.” When I told him.  

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