The Tutor-Harry Styles

When lily's parents become worried about their daughters test scores they hire a tutor to keep her on track, but what of the tutor just happens to be gorgeous, available but 6 years older?...


2. chapter two

Never in a million years would I have thought this man would be a tutor! He is just too fit to be a geek!!! I mean seriously, do they really expect me of all people to be able to concentrate when this god is sitting by me? I think not.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by the sex god himself asking me something.

"Sorry, what?" I asked feeling stupid for not paying attention.

"I was just asking where you would like to go and study" he asked again, flashing me his pearly whites at the end of his scentence.

"Oh, well we can go up to my room, it's quiet on there" I said nervously, wow this dude has a seriously weird effect on me...

Once we got up to my room I quickly ran in ahead to get rid of some underwear and other bits if embarrassing stuff that I had laying around the floor. I quickly shoved it all inside the bottom of mg wardrobe just in time as my bedroom door creaked open to reveal mr styles.

"Come on in" I said with a small gesturing to my bed as if to say sit down.

"Thanks, so for the first day we are just going to get to know each other" he said sitting down.

"Okay, can't wait to find out about you" I said in a cheery voice to try and make it sound less stalkerish

"Great so...."

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