The Tutor-Harry Styles

When lily's parents become worried about their daughters test scores they hire a tutor to keep her on track, but what of the tutor just happens to be gorgeous, available but 6 years older?...


1. chapter 1-new tutor

Why does school have to drag on so much? I mean seriously, would it kill it to move a little bit smoother! My day was bad enough, getting a D on my maths exam, a C on my English and an E on my biology wasn't exactly the highlight of my day! My parents are going to flip! They are already disappointed in me as it is never mind failing most of my tests!

I got home and was immediately met with my parents angry faces.

"I can't believe you failed not one, not two bit three of your exams!" My mum screeched obviously appalled.

"I know, I'm sorry but I couldn't help it and besides, I'm only 14 the exams that I took aren't exactly life changing" I said taking a bite out of the apple that I had just taken out of the fruit bowl.

"I don't care! You know what, we are getting you a tutor I cannot have you failing anymore exams from now on" she said picking up her phone and calling a tutor

"Hi, yes I'm looking for a tutor for my daughter?" She said into the phone

"She is in year 9 and needs math, English and biology" she spoke

"Perfect, when can he start?" Oh so it's a he, I hope he is young and cute!

"Tonight? Yes that would be great!" Woah, woah, woah tonight? And I don't even get a say? Great.

" ah yes it's *insert random address here*"

"Great see you then" she said

"Your tutor will be here in 20 minutes, he was a straight A pupil at your age and soon enough you will be to." She said stalking off. I quickly ran upstairs and got changed touching up my makeup and running downstairs. Just as my foot hit the cold hats floor that is the bottom of the stairs the door bell decided to ring. I ran over to it and opened it, not expecting to see the most beautiful creature in the world standing in front of me

"Hi, I'm harry styles and I'll be your tutor for the rest of the year" he said in his British accent.

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