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Cassie? is all he said


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Cassie's P.O.V

"Cassie come on! stick the landing," my coach yelled to while I was doing my floor routine "Stop yelling and maybe I would," I yelled back he just laughed "come on Cas time is up time for you to go home," he said hugging me "By josh," I said while hugging him back I got my things together and went home.

Hi guys I'm Cassie Rose Miller


Eye color~ blue

Hair color~ brown w/ blonde highlights

Personality~ fun and bubbly, great friend, great w/ kids, loves to play around, cant scare easy.

Hobbies~ gymnastics, dance, yoga.

And that's me!


*next day*

Cassie's P.O.V

I got ten finger to the sky,

I shot up and turned my alarm off today is the day my big brother gets home from the army and I am so excited to see him It has been a year but we write each other unlike my friend Liam who said he would keep in contact but people lie I mean he said not to change but look at me I got up and went to my closet and picked out a cute white shirt with a peter pan collar, and a skater skirt with my doc martins(floral print,) and in my bag I got my gymnastics stuff, phone and wallet by now it was 10:00am so I went down stairs and saw James "Ah," I screamed dropped my stuff and ran to him he wasn't supposed to be here till late tears are going down our face " I missed you so much Cas," he said whispered in my hair " I think I missed you more," I whispered in his ear " why are we whispering?" he said whispering I just laughed and so did he "lets go out and you will show me any new things that happened, and tell me," I smiled and laughed I got my bag up off the floor and looked at him, he was still in his army uniform I just silently laughed "what," I just walked through the front door with him on my tail "what," he said again looking at me I just smiled and grabbed his hand and we strolled through the park while little kids mostly boys wanted his picture, because they wanted to be just like him in the army then he gave a little speech " well kids if you want to grow up and be in the army you have to train and when times comes say by to your family or in this case little sisters," he said he pulling in to a weird hug "weirdo," I said to him getting out from that uncomfortable hug. "Lets go to Nando's," he said while pulling me to Nandos "James!" crystal screamed running over to him and I crystal is his girlfriend and I love her she hugged me next "I thought you said not until late," she said to me crying we sat down at a table when her boss made go back to work I looked down at my watch "sh*t," I said getting up " I need to go," " why?" he asked puzzled " I have practice I need to get my floor routine," I said "Clear the tables!" he yelled I just gave him a brow and are you crazy look he just smiled wickedly at me Crystal came over and sate next to James "Come on girl lets see you floor routine," she said and smiled I looked at the windows and saw some camera lights but brushed it off " I have to change," I said to them "okay go to the bathroom," she smiled at me so I changed into my aqua leo, and but on some black shorts over my aqua leo.


I got out of he bathroom when some girls came in squealing and started to put on make-up while I put my long brown hair into a ponytail " she is never going to get a guy in one-," I walked out of the bathroom and on to the floor and jumped around a bit." are there springs under here?" I asked crystal because it felt like a gym floor," yeah we got them for the little kids," she said I smiled I grabbed my phone from my bag and but It on the dock and it started to play black horse and a cherry tree by KT Tunstall I did a little dance at the beginning now it was the gymnastics I did a round off back handspring, cartwheel, front limber, I turned around to face the other side where I started off and saw a face which I though was Liam but I brushed it off I ran did a round on backflip, the back handspring then I did my special move I did a double Arabian I landed on one foot on accident but something was in my left foot I sat down and pulled it out "where did a pushpin come from?" I got up got my phone and called my coach *convo*

C- I landed my double Arabian

J~ that's great see you tomorrow just to practice it more

then he hug up "Cassie?" I turned around to see "L-Liam?"


Should I continue?

yes, no...leave it down in the comments, like and favorite!

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