The time that is just beginning...

When Jasmine is in an era before even Voldemort who will be the bad guy? Will she be the Harry Potter before?Or will she slid over to the dark side?


7. When the time came...


A few weeks before September Jasmine found out that on the first of September she would depart for Hogwarts. She couldn't wait to see real magic happen. She was so excited that she left for London a week early! She mainly stayed in her hotel room though.


Suddenly Jasmine realized something. Her train ticket said 9 3/4 but there wasn't  a platform number called that even in London. (She still didn't know for sure) She was certain that there must be a trick to this. 

The next day she woke up and got her things and raced of to Kings Cross Station and asked around for platform 9 3/4 but no one told her until she asked a lady with sleek black hair who asked her daughter to show her and tell her the wizard way. She was a first year too but new she was going to be a witch because of her wizard family.


The little girl next to her introduced herself as Issabelle Holly. They found their way to the train and found a place to themself.

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