The time that is just beginning...

When Jasmine is in an era before even Voldemort who will be the bad guy? Will she be the Harry Potter before?Or will she slid over to the dark side?


6. Two weeks later...


Two weeks later Jasmine was really excited because she was going to Diagon Alley with Dan. She didn't know what he looked like but she knew she would like him. She likes everybody.


She was meeting Dan at the local deli around the corner from her  house since she didn't want people touching anything that was there. Ashes or not. A gruff looking man walked up to me. He had a crooked nose that looked like it had been broken a while ago, one blue eye and one green eye as well as a slightly hunched back.

Jasmine's P.O.V

He walked up to me and said "you Jasmine". I nodded my head to show that I was. He took me by the arm and dragged me out of sight. He was saying that he was Dan and that he was sent to take me to get my school supplies. I knew this already but he told me anyway.


He was really nice and was treating me really politely. When we got to Diagon Alley I got everything I needed so I went to exchange some muggle money for wizard money. When I was done Dan took me out for wizard ice cream and it was the best I ever tasted. I can't wait to go back and Dan said he would take me to Diagon Alley on the  school breaks and that I could stay in his cottage. I still don't understand the houses though.


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