The time that is just beginning...

When Jasmine is in an era before even Voldemort who will be the bad guy? Will she be the Harry Potter before?Or will she slid over to the dark side?


8. The train...tth


On the train the two talked about normal things like school and what would happen at Hogwarts. They had a silent agreement that they would stay away from the subject of parents. Issabelle had hair like her mothers, bright blue eyes, tanned skin and soft pink lips that stood out on her face like a red rose in a field of white daisies. She was shy at first but was more open as they got to know each other.


They dressed into their school robes and were waiting to see the school. Jasmine was finally feeling like she had a friend. Not just a friend, a best friend. Issabelle and herself were hoping to be in the same house together and made a promise with each other that no matter what, they would remain best friends.


They came in sight of a huge castle and immediately knew that it was Hogwarts. It was the biggest, most beautiful castle Jasmine had seen. She just stood in awe of the magnificence of the school that stood before her. Issabelle was jumping up and down in excitement quietly squealing all the way to the castle.


Dan had told Jasmine that he would be taking the first years a different way to the castle than the other years. He told her that she would love it but that it was a surprise.



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