The time that is just beginning...

When Jasmine is in an era before even Voldemort who will be the bad guy? Will she be the Harry Potter before?Or will she slid over to the dark side?


5. The letter...



It was three in the morning and jasmine had just woken up. Her tear streaked face was filled with sorrow. Suddenly she noticed a owl out side her window. She thought that was weird since in Western Australia there weren't many owls.

She opened the window to give it some food when she noticed a letter attached to it's leg. She slowly approached him and gently untied the letter. On the front it said "Jasmine Maddern, the destroyed house. Her eyes suddenly filled with tears.


As she read on it said "Dear Miss Maddern, I am pleased to tell you that you have been accepted into Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry. You will buy your things at Diagonal Alley with my grounds keeper, Dan. He will tell you the things you need to know and will give you the key to your Gringotts vault.And I'm terribly sorry about your parents they did a lot for the wizarding world.This school is in London by the way.

Tobuscus Chamdar



 She stood there in disbelieve. "I'm a witch"she whispered to herself. "IM A WITCH LIKE MY MUM AND DAD!" She cried out in happiness. A thousand thoughts raced through her head. Why didn't her parents tell her before they died? Did they do it for her safety? We're they going to tell her? Why did she have to go to London for this school? SHE WAS A WITCH! She wasn't going to tell anyone that was for sure but she couldn't help feeling happy finding this new information.


She drifted of to sleep for suddenly she was very tired.



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