The time that is just beginning...

When Jasmine is in an era before even Voldemort who will be the bad guy? Will she be the Harry Potter before?Or will she slid over to the dark side?


3. The accident...


When Jasmine was in her fifth year of primary school,an accident took place. Involving her parents. It was the day before her 11th birthday and Mr and Mrs Maddern were in a wizard duel. Jasmine hadn't found out about her parents being a wizard and witch. They were going to tell her tomorrow on the day she got the letter when she became a witch.


They were battling a follower of the evil wizard Cantaz,who has terrorised the wizarding word for years, when they were struck with the killing curse. The last words they heard were"AVADER KADERVA!"


Jasmine sat there crying until she got the letter the day after she found her house destroyed and her parents dead. On her 11th birthday.

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