Stole My Heart

Leila Tomlinson is a normal 16 year old except that her brother Louis, is in One Direction. She meets the boys and falls in love with Liam, but as time passes she realises that he isn't the one, he completely forgets about Leila and starts to care for her less and less.......
But is there someone else out there?.......
Someone who cares? Someone, who wanted someone who cares?
Harry Styles was broken.
He finally snapped,
And now all he wanted was someone to understand him.
Leila was a pampered girl with big dreams, and an over-protective big brother.
She spent her days with her head in the clouds,
But when she met Harry Styles and (her brothers best friend) realised that he was the one,
Everything changed.


2. "They've Arrived!"

Louis's P.O.V

We were there in about an 10 minutes, and everyone was very excited, especially me. I couldn't wait to see Leila, and spend a whole summer with the best sister ever! Niall kept asking me if she liked food, and if she was good at making food as he said we're going to need a good cook, to last us the WHOLE of summer. We were turning into our road and there right at the very end stood our beautiful house, just as I've remembered. I asked the driver Larry to blow the horn so that Leila would know we're are here.

Leila's P.O.V

I was just about to give up all the hope that the boys are coming at all, when I heard a loud "TOOT!" from outside. "They're here!!!They're here!!! Mum, come the boys are here!" I screamed while I was jumping up and down. "Ok, go and open the door. I'm coming in a wee bit!" she replied. I rushed outside and saw a MASSIVE tour bus parked just outside our house, the best things was that Louis was standing 50 ft. away. "Louis, Louis! I missed you, soo much!!!" I screamed, then I ran up to him, jumped into his arms, hugged him and kissed him on the cheeks like twenty billion times. "I missed you too, Leila!" Louis replied hugging me back and taking me in his arms like I was a little baby. "Meet the lads!" he continued. 

Liam's P.O.V

We got out of the bus and a girl who looked about 16 came running out of, what Louis said was their house. I guess she was Louis's younger sister, she ran up to Louis and jumped straight into his arms, they must be a in a close relationship with each other as they looked really happy, both of them. Louis introduced us all starting with Zayn, then Niall, then Harry and last of all: me. She came up to me shook hands and said: "Hi Liam, I'm Leila Louis's sister, nice to meet you!" She said it with a smile that could warm up the coldest of hearts. She was cute in a way. I was so mesmerised by her eyes that I didn't say anything, then after about 10 minutes of staring, I managed to stumble upon some words: "Hi..... I'm.....umm.....Liam."

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