Stole My Heart

Leila Tomlinson is a normal 16 year old except that her brother Louis, is in One Direction. She meets the boys and falls in love with Liam, but as time passes she realises that he isn't the one, he completely forgets about Leila and starts to care for her less and less.......
But is there someone else out there?.......
Someone who cares? Someone, who wanted someone who cares?
Harry Styles was broken.
He finally snapped,
And now all he wanted was someone to understand him.
Leila was a pampered girl with big dreams, and an over-protective big brother.
She spent her days with her head in the clouds,
But when she met Harry Styles and (her brothers best friend) realised that he was the one,
Everything changed.


3. The Tour Bus

Leila's P.O.V

Liam is really cute, I think he was lost in words. His hair, although, is done in a very 'little' boyish style which is adorable. I quickly let go of his hand and I ran into our house, then upstairs to get my suitcase and the ice-cream for us. I rushed downstairs again and kissed goodbye to Mum and told her not to worry then gave my suitcase to louis and told him: "Please put this wherever you put your suitcases." "Ok, sure little sis!" Louis replied and he went up to Mum and hugged her, as he hasn't seen her in a long time. "Look after her Louis." I heard mum whisper, then she waved goodbye to us all and went inside. "Wait up Los Angeles, here we come!" I whisphered to myself then got into the bus with the rest of the boys.

As soon as I did, Louis spoke up: "Seating plan!" he screamed at the top of his lungs. "Louis calm down." I replied smirking in a cheeky way. "So who's sitting beside who?" I think it was Zayn who spoke up. "Well choose pairs." Niall, it was, that replied. Louis asked me first and I said I don't mind, so he then asked Niall who replied Zayn."We've got our first pair." Louis cheered. "Harry what 'bout you." he asked Harry. "I'll sit with you mate." he replied in a husky voice and a thick British accent which I liked about him. "So it shall be, Liam you sit with Leila." Louis pointed a finger at me and fake laughed. "Liam's really annoying, bad luck for you Leila." "Oh really, I think he's less annoying than you for a start and I'd love to sit with him anyways, plus BUGSY TOP FLOOR!!!" I screamed then grabbed Liams hand and ran up to the top floor of the bus and locked the trapdoor so no one can come up. "Yes!" I yelled hugging Liam. "Umm.....well sorry I didn't mean to hu-" but I was cut off. "It doesn't matter." Liam said hushing me.

The top floor was like a bedroom it had EVERYTHING and by everything I mean EVERYTHING, from a bathroom to a bedroom, to a kitchen and everything else you'd find in a house that were necessary. It was seventh heaven!

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