Stole My Heart

Leila Tomlinson is a normal 16 year old except that her brother Louis, is in One Direction. She meets the boys and falls in love with Liam, but as time passes she realises that he isn't the one, he completely forgets about Leila and starts to care for her less and less.......
But is there someone else out there?.......
Someone who cares? Someone, who wanted someone who cares?
Harry Styles was broken.
He finally snapped,
And now all he wanted was someone to understand him.
Leila was a pampered girl with big dreams, and an over-protective big brother.
She spent her days with her head in the clouds,
But when she met Harry Styles and (her brothers best friend) realised that he was the one,
Everything changed.


1. Getting Ready For The Arrival

Leila's P.O.V

"Beep, beep, be-."

My alarm bell blared, but I smashed it. Wait, why was my alarm bell set? I got up and went to check my calendar. I was searching through it, when I finally found today. I looked at the writing scribbled there in my un-neat handwriting. "YAY, Louis's coming today, Louis's coming today!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. I quickly checked the clock and saw that it was already eight a.m. Damn, the boys were going to be here in an hour. I haven't even got dressed, plus I haven't made cookie dough ice-cream yet, which is Louis's favourite food. I rushed to the bathroom had a shower and put on a crop top and jean shorts which were ripped at the bottom and were very mini. I didn't put on any fancy make-up except for mascara, a bit of lipstick and perfume. when I was ready I rushed downstairs and saw that Mum was making pancakes. Yum, pancakes! "Hi Mum, Louis's coming today! Yay!" I screamed. "Yes Leila I know you're excited, but do calm down a bit." Mum replied. "Ok sorry!" I replied. "But now I've got to make Cookie Dough ice-cream for Louis's special treat and for the journey!" I said, screaming with joy.

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