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16. Would you kiss me then?

“Elaine? Mind helping me with the campfire?” Louis asked and smiled at me. I was sitting in the warm sand with my legs crossed, and feeling the last rays of the sun on my skin, while the others were enjoying in the cool water. The sunset was beautiful painting violet clouds on the sky. The sand was still warm and I trickled it between my fingers.

“I´d love to.” I replied and smiled at him, before I slowly got up and walked over to him, as he pulled some sun loungers next to the piled up wood.




Louis´ PoV

This was some of the rarely moments, Elaine looked healthy. Her skin wasn´t pale as usually and for one of the first times in ages she smiled. But this time it seemed being a true smile. Not a faked like always. She walked over to me, still wearing that white dress, which made her looking so beautiful.

Why she?

Why not some guy, who spent his life to drugs or alcohol?

Why this perfect girl, who was loved by one of my best friends? She deserved it. She deserved it so much to have a perfect life.

We would sit together with Eleanor on our old balcony, smiling at out grand-children, who played in front of us. A boy and two girls. They would play in the sand, giggling and laughing at each other and Elaine would grab his hands and he would kiss her gently on the cheek, still loving her.

She would blush slightly, getting that cute heat in her face, like always, when he kissed her. When he made butterflies in her stomach. They would love each other, till they were so old, people would ask, if they are still together. He and Elaine wouldn´t get apart. Never. I knew she loved him as much as I loved Eleanor. And that was… there was no limit. A never ending love.

But she would leave us.

She would leave us soon. So soon.


“Hey, let me help you.” I smiled at her and helped her with some piece of wood, she picked up from the ground.

“Thanks” she smiled and sat down again, watching me, how I got the piled up woods in flames. The fire made shadows on her warm skin, dancing and struggling over her arms and her legs. She smiled slightly and the fire got copied in her milky brown eyes.

Why did she smile?


Elaine´s PoV

“Are you afraid?” he whispered quietly and sat down on the lounger next to me. His smile was warm, but I noticed the sad sound in his soft voice.

I forced me to smile at him, but he noticed that I faked.

“Don´t lie at me Elaine… I´m here for you. We all are here for you… We won´t leave you, we never will.” he whispered, and pulled me into a tight hug. His strong arms held me together, like I was about to break like a glass you have thrown on the floor.


“But I will leave Louis. I´m the one, who will leave you all.”

Niall´s PoV

She sat there on the lounger next to Louis, who had wrapped on of his arms around her weak shoulders. The flames painted on her beautiful skin, which sent shivers down my spine, wanting to kiss those shadows on her skin.

I smiled, as I walked over to them, the warm sand between my feet. They smiled at me and Elaine got slowly up, trying to suppress, how dizzy she felt. Why didn´t she just sat there and waited for me to come?

Because the last time you two were on the beach, it happened. The first sign.

They told her that day, she had cancer.

And I just sat there next to her bed and cried. Nothing more. I just cried and wished, that was a bad nightmare, nothing more. I couldn´t help her, I wasn´t able to undone it and I would never be. And I broke my heart.

Seeing her, how she got weaker with every second. My angel.


“How are you princess?” I asked with my softest voice and hugged her tight. She felt so weak and broken in my strong arms, which made me shivering. She was like a doll, about to break soon.

I could never handle this. Never in my entire life.

She buried her face at my chest and smiled slightly.

“I never felt better.” she whispered quietly and looked up, straight into my eyes.


It made my heart breaking.


“Niall?” she whispered after a while of silence between us. I sat down and pulled her onto my lap, making her lean back at my torso. She closed her eyes and drifted of slightly with her head on my shoulder.

“Yeah princess?” I whispered in her ear, making her smile.

“Could you sing? With your guitar?” she begged quietly and opened her eyes again.

I nodded and smiled at her.

“Elaine?” I whispered back and caressed her cheeks gently with my thumb, making her smile more and more.

“Yeah Niall?” she asked and her cheeks turned red.

“Would you kiss me then?” 



Authors note -

So watcha think? :) 

Nialler or Hazza? <3

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I hope you´re fine, wherever you are now! xx

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