Blue //HORAN//

➴ maybe this wold is so fucking cruel and i can´t be with you ➴


2. The boys

I just got ready the next morning, as Dad called for me from downstairs. I sighed and grabbed my bag from my bed. It was nearly 8am, which didn´t really lift my mood, because it was Saturday, which was my truly beloved day at home. 

“El hurry up, please! We need to get to the studio. Lou needs your help.” Dad called from below, as I changed my clothes. I wore tight black jeans, a wide grey pullover. My hair fell in waves over my shoulders.

“I´m coming!” I shouted back and went downstairs. Dad handed me my bag and took the keys from the dark wooden table. Our house was big and very luxurious. I hated it, how Dad always became proud when he talked about his “perfect” life.

“I can´t wait to show you the boys!” he said and threw me an excited look.

Wow. Another new boy band. How about spending time with your daughter?

“Uhm sounds nice.” I replied and grabbed an apple, before we got to the car. I sat in and buckled on and before Dad could talk a lot of stupid stuff about his new founded boy group, I put earphones in and listened to some loud music.

“Ahwe Elaine! You became so beautiful!” Lou shrieked and hugged me tight, as Dad and I walked in the studio. I smiled back and laughed.

“How have you been Lou?” I asked and looked at Lux, who sat on the floor right in front of me. 

“Hi little princess!” I whispered excited and got to my knees. She laughed and showed me  some of Lou´s Mascara.

“You wanna have some?” I asked and smiled, as she nodded heavily and giggled.

“Psch but don´t tell mummy!” I whispered and pecked her cheeks.

“Mummy won´t see!!” she giggled, and I put some mascara on.

“Oh come on El, get up and greet the boys!” Dad said annoyed and waited for me to get up. I nodded at the ground and followed his gaze to five boys.

The smiled and looked to Lux then back to me.

“So boys, this is Elaine, she´ll help Lou to style you.” Dad said and smiled at the boys.

“Nice, thank you.” the blonde guy said and smiled at me, and I smiled back polite.

Just another boy, who wants to be famous.

Dad threw me a cold look, but I ignored him and looked at the other ones. He sighed and grabbed some “important” paper-stuff.

“So uhm Lou and I have to discuss some important things. Have fun.” he said without a smile and left the room with Lou. I stared back to Lux, who didn´t notice anyone and played with some red lipstick. That was embarrassing.

“Uhm… El?” one of them asked and I turned back to them. It was the boy with the curls and the green eyes. All over his arms were tattoos and his hair was in a big mess, like he was a punk.

“Could you show me my changing room?” he asked and bit his lower lip.

Do I look like your nanny?!

But I kept calm and stood up. He grinned and got up too and his eyes became darker. He wet his lower lip with his tongue and looked to the door.

“Uhm you can keep an eye on Lux?” I asked the other ones, who sat there in awkwardly silence. The blonde one nodded and walked over to Lux.

“I´ll be back in five minutes.” I smiled and left them with this kinda hot guy.



“So you look hot, you know?” the boy said and checked me out, as we walked down the floors.

“Don´t think I would fall for some bad boy like you. My dad introduces me in hot boybands like you change your boxers.” I said and grinned.

The boy raised an eyebrow and laughed. Then he got closer to me and pulled me in a lonely floor. Before I could say something he cupped my mouth with his warm hand. I could feel his warm body pressed against mine and his warmth rushed through my body.

“So we will see El…” he whispered huskily and slowly got closer. I bit my lower lip, tried to hide, how good it felt to have him right here. He slowly pecked my lower lip and pressed me against him by holding my neck.

“You won´t get it that easy.” I whispered against his lips and pushed him back. His eyes got darker and he made fists. He took my wrists and held them above my head.

“I´ll get everything I want Babe…” he growled against my lips, but I turned my head aside.

“Try it.” I said harsh and pulled my hands out of his grip and left him right in the lonely floor. 

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