Blue //HORAN//

➴ maybe this wold is so fucking cruel and i can´t be with you ➴



The time passed by like just a few seconds. I noticed how weak my body became with every day and I wanted to cry. My life wasn´t like I wanted it and I wasn´t ready yet to leave.

“Princess, you wanna go out today?” Niall asked and came in. He wore shorts and a grey sweater, which made him look so adorable.  I smiled and tried to sit up, but I felt, how the pain shot through my veins and made me gasp.

“Baby, wait, lemme help you.” Niall mumbled and I knew how it made him broken, to see that. To see me. He walked over to me and sat down in the king sized bed.

“Let me take care of you.” he whispered and wrapped his warm arms around me, making me shiver slightly. I closed my eyes and rested my head on his warm chest.

I knew, the end was close, but I wasn´t afraid. I knew that Niall was here, and it made me joyful. I had somebody, who took care of me till the nearly end…

“Niall?” I whispered with a weak voice, as he gently ran his soft fingers over my back. He slightly pulled my shirt up and ran his warm fingers over my bare skin, making me shiver.

“Yes?” he whispered slightly and gently kissed my cheeks. His lips felt so soft against my skin. The he lifted his head again and laid his chin on my head, still running his fingers over my naked back.

“There´s something, I want to do, before I leave” I whispered quietly, making him face me. His blue eyes burned into mine.

“Everything you want princess.” 



There will be more the next days :) Just got ill :( I´m sorry! xx You´re incredible! 

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