Blue //HORAN//

➴ maybe this wold is so fucking cruel and i can´t be with you ➴


1. Prologue

I always thought it was nice to meet new people, like the bands, dad always casted at his show and all the band members he had under contract. At first I spent much time at the studio, when he had meetings there with his bands, but now I just didn´t want to have anything to do with them. 

He only casted boybands now. And some of the boys meant trouble. 


As I walked down the long floor crowded with security and stylists, trying not to attract much attention, Dad crossed my way. He didn´t even look at me, because he was busy with his mobile phone. He had much paperwork under his left arm and had a pen between his lips.

“Elaine, where have you been all day? Keep an eye on Lux please, Lou is in a hurry.” he mumbled rushed, his gaze glued to his phone and left me right there standing on the floor, without waiting for my answer. I nodded, although he wouldn´t see it anymore and made my way towards the big changing room, where Lou must be.

Sometimes I hated it, how he treated me. I did my best not to fall for load, did everything at home, although we had a housemaid, but he just kept his attention on his boybands and his own fame. He didn´t even find it important to ask, how school´s been going the last time.

But I only sighed and entered the crowded room. Immediately I saw Lou working on one of the boys hair at the back of the room. Although she just combed his tousled blonde hair, she seemed busy and rushed a lot. The boy smiled kindly, as he saw me walking towards them.

I smiled politely back, because I didn´t want to seem like the bitchy daughter and leaned against one of the counters overstocked with hair styling products, looking out for my little Lux. 

She was sitting on the ground, playing with her mothers lipstick and scrawling it everywhere on the ground. I sat down next to her and took the lipstick away, before she could draw on something important. 

"Thank you Elaine, you´re my angel." Lou said relieved, which made the blonde boy. 

"Niall, you have to sit still for heavens sake." Lou begged a little bit harsh.

Ah, his name was Niall. I knew he wasn´t a british guy.

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