Blue //HORAN//

➴ maybe this wold is so fucking cruel and i can´t be with you ➴


15. One year later...

He didn’t spoke. He just stared at me, while tears welled up in his eyes. His blonde hair was a mess like mine, and I had to admit he smelled after beer.

“Where have you been?” he suddenly whispered with a broken and weak voice. He sounded terrible. A tear slowly ran down his red cheek and left burning marks on my heart.

“I´m so sorry Niall…” I replied quietly.

It hurted so much to see him cry. The boy, who protected me and helped me, was crying and I couldn´t help him.

He looked so hurted and broken, his hands shaking along.

“I love y-you…” he cried quietly and the tears streamed down his face.


And as we finally reached each other, he wrapped his strong arms around my weak body and held me. He fixed me. He was there for me, as tears streamed down my face and mixed with his tears.

We just stood there, crying.


*One year passed*


“How did you sleep?” Harry asked lovely and wrapped his arms around me, as Niall and I walked into the warm kitchen. The sun shone through the big window and heated my feet.

But I knew that I had cancer.

My skin got pale with every day and I felt tired and hurted. When I looked into the mirror my eyes were dark and full of pain. I felt dizzy and weak, when I got up in the morning.

But they still called me beautiful. How? How could the call a thin and weak girl beautiful?


“This is going to be another perfect day for me.” I smiled and sat down at the table, where breakfast was ready.

It was perfect. Absolutely. I had everything I want. Niall and Harry around me, spending time with me, although I would leave them. But here and now they held me and fixed me.

Dad accepted, that I lived with them. He has been crying, as I told him… I cried too, but he was happy for me. I wanted me to be happy.


“How about the beach after breakfast?” Niall asked with a raspy morning voice and took a sip of his juice. Harry grinned and nodded.

“We could ask the others, if they wanna join us!” he said and his eyes sparkled. He was excited.

I smiled along with them and took a sip of my warm milk. I didn´t wanted to go swim with them. They would see my pale and ugly skin, my thin legs and my skinny arms.

But I wanted them to have fun.

“I´ll get my things!” I smiled, as we finished breakfast and hurried up to get in my room. Finally I had my own room, but the most nights I slept on the couch. The pillows smelled like Niall and Harry, not like in my room, where it looked ugly and empty. I knew, Harry and Niall did their best, but I didn´t wanted to fall for load. They did everything for me and I would leave them broken. They deserved a better girl.


The blue bikini on my pale skin looked… ugly. My bones were able to see and I got thinner with every second. I just felt like…  a broken glass.

My head felt slightly dizzy, but I suppressed it and grabbed my bag with some towels and sun blocker. A last look in the mirror.

My brown hair fell in waves over my shoulder. I wore a white summer dress, but I didn´t felt beautiful. More like the little girl in background, who nobody wants.



Niall grabbed my hand and smiled at me. Harry wasn´t here, he just wanted to take his keys, which he had forgotten in the kitchen.

“He´ll see.” I said and loosened Niall´s grip around my pale fingers.

“I don´t care… I just want you to be my princess.” Niall said and looked at the ground.

“GOT THEM!” Harry yelled from inside and walked over to us. He wore a black shirt and shorts.

“You look beautiful babe.” he smiled and kissed my forehead, by pulling me by my neck to him.

Niall grabbed the bag from the ground and threw it in the backseats of the car. He looked pissed.

Harry grinned and laughed quietly.

Suddenly he grabbed my waist and crashed his lips onto mine, grinning slightly into our kiss.

I gasped and froze, but he kept melting our lips together.

Niall stared at us in shock and smashed the car door loud. Then he got in the car.

Harry smiled at me and pecked my lips one last time, before he let go off of me and grinned.

“I hate you.” I mumbled.

Harry´s eyes got darker and he grinned more.

“Tonight you´ll be mine…” he whispered and smiled. I began to shake.  


The others waited for us at the beach and smiled, as we finally drove into the parking lot. As I got out, Louis screamed and hugged me tight.

“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEEEN BABY BOO!” he screamed all over the parking area, so the people turned around to us.

I blushed and laughed like the others.

Everybody came. Liam with Sophia, Louis and Eleanor, like Zayn and Perrie.

Harry wrapped his arm around my waist and smiled.

“Let´s go.” Liam laughed and grabbed Sophia´s Hand. Her skin was beautiful and healthy. Not like mine.

“I love you…” Harry whispered into my hair and we walked over to the warm sand where nobody was. We were alone.

The waves sounded lovely in my ears and I closed my eyes.

A warm breeze made my hair dancing in the wind and for one moment I forgot everything. I felt good.

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