Blue //HORAN//

➴ maybe this wold is so fucking cruel and i can´t be with you ➴


3. Nathan

“Dad, I have to leave. There´s something important I have to do with school.” I said, as I rushed in his office. He and Lou sat over some contracts from Syco-Music or some shit like that.  Lou looked at me worried, cause she knew that I was lying. She knew everything about me.

“Fine.” Dad mumbled without looking at me. I gritted my teeth and shut the door. Thanks.


It was already dark outside, as I finally left the studio. I walked down the alley to get to the subway and listened to music. It was silent, but I didn´t mind. I just wanted to get home and sleep.

The subway station was crowded by disgusting teenagers, who smoked and smelled after alcohol. I rolled my eyes and wanted to get in the subway, as someone grabbed my hand and pulled me gently aside.

“How´ve you been Elaine?” a familiar voice asked. I shot around shocked and looked in his dark brown eyes.

“N-Nathan?” I asked breathless and looked down his face. His hair was in a mess and his eyes met mine. He smiled and pulled me gently aside not far away from his friends.

He stroked gently over my hair and smiled.

“What the fuck happened to you?” I asked shocked, but he gritted his teeth and his eyes got darker.

“I missed you Elaine…” he whispered and got slowly closer till his forehead met mine. I closed my eyes and felt his hot breath on my cheeks. 

“Why did you get in things like this?” I whispered worried, but he didn´t answered. He hugged me tight and kissed my forehead, but I pushed him gently aside.

“Answer me Nathan.” I said and wanted to sound strong. Since he got in his fucking gang, he just took drugs and things like that.

“Listen. Come with me Elaine. I love you.” he said and pushed me hard against a wall. His eyes got darker and he firmly pressed my wrists against the wall. From behind I could hear his friends laugh.  He reminded me of this boy from Dad´s new boyband, as he got closer.

“You hurt me Nathan.” I whispered, but he just pushed me harder. This wasn´t the Nathan I once fell in love with.

“I wanna take you with me Elaine.” he growled, but I just turned my head aside. He smelled after alcohol and drugs. One of his friends joined him and looked at me laughing. His name was Siva or something like that.  He grinned and stroked a strand of my hair aside.

“Don´t you dare fucking touch me, bastard.” I growled but Nathan grabbed my chin and pushed my head against the wall. I gasped and looked shocked at him.

“Don´t talk to him like that!” Nathan shouted and pulled my down by my hair. His friends laughed and stood around us, as he pushed me to the cold and dirty ground. His feet pressed to my back and he growled.

“ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?!” a voice screamed and the curly boy hit Nathan right in his face. Blood drops splashed on the ground next to me and Nathan fell to the ground.

“DON´T YOU DARE FUCKING TOUCH HER YOU FUCKING BASTARD!” he screamed and hit him again with his fists. Before I could get up and pull him back, someone pulled me up and held me tight.

“STOP IT!” I shouted angrily, but the boy behind me wrapped his arms around my tighter and pulled me gently aside.

“SHE´S MINE!” the boy screamed again and kept hitting Nathan in his stomach. I felt like, he hit me too. Nathan gasped and his head fell back, covered in blood. His friends stood around them and laughed.

“STOP IT! DON´T YOU DARE! I´LL KILL YOU!” I screamed but the boy just kept on hitting Nathan to the ground. Tears made their way down my face, as I had to stood there helpless and watch, how Nathan got hurt for something, that wasn´t his fault. Nathan lied on the ground, holding his stomach, over him the boy, who didn´t stop hurting him.

The boy suddenly stopped and threw a fiery gaze at me. His eyes burned down my skin and I frowned. Then he looked back to Nathan who gasped helpless, lying under the boy. He was pulled up by his hair and the boy pushed his head a last time against the cold ground.

“She´s mine.” he whispered angrily, before he got up and left Nathan on the ground. Blood everywhere.


“I´m so sorry.” a voice whispered into my ear. I recognized it immediately. It was the blonde boy, who held me. The curly boy walked over to us and lifted my head up by my chin. I gritted my teeth, because I wasn´t able to slap him right across his fucking face. The blonde idiot still held my in his tight grip.

“Don´t touch me.” I growled, but the ignored me and run his thumb over my cheeks. He didn´t smile, he just rubbed my cheek and watched me.

“You´re mine.” he whispered and pulled me out of the tight grip. I wanted to pull my hand away, but he just growled and pulled me outside the subway station. 

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