Blue //HORAN//

➴ maybe this wold is so fucking cruel and i can´t be with you ➴


10. It is...

As we walked along the beach, Niall slowly grabbed my hand and gently rubbed his thumb over my back, which made me smiling. The sun already rose and he pulled me softly down in the warm sand, just sitting there and looking at the waves.

“I´m so sorry for everything.” he whispered and wrapped his arms around me. I felt safe around him, around his warmth and his smile. He was like the quiet river for me, where I could sit and let memories fade. Harry against him was a waterfall, hard and full of surprise.

“Who was the guy at the subway station?” Niall asked after a while and grinned at me. We two had pulled our knees at our bodies just to wrap our arms around them. He made lines in the sand with his index finger and looked at the waves, which hit against the beach quietly like clouds. The waves had exactly the same color of his beautiful ocean blue eyes.

“Just an old friend.” I whispered back and looked at the golden sand, which was colored so beautiful by the sun.  Niall smiled at me and blushed a little bit.

“Hey Elaine, I know… it´s silly, but…Uhm”

He kept talking to me but I didn´t understand him. His lips were forming the words, but they turned around and made feeling my head dizzy and heavy, like there was a massive blanket wrapped around me. Niall looked at me irritated and grabbed my shoulder. His touch felt could and hard, not how I had it in my memories.

“Elaine?” he asked worried, but my eyes hurted, they were burning. I closed them and covered my face in my hands. It felt like a thousand knives stuck in my skin, but it started to get numb.

“ELAINE?” Niall asked, but I pushed him away, before I passed out. It hurted just so much.


I opened my eyes, woken up by annoying beeps. A blanket lay on top of me, but it didn´t felt warm in this bed.  It smelled really clean and cold, there wasn´t smell of the beach or the sea anymore. It was the room of some hospital, white and clean. Nothing beautiful in this room. I slowly raised my hand but another warm hand pulled my fingers down back on the duvet. I turned my head around and right in the moment, I saw him, my heart cracked into a thousand pieces. Just like someone smashed it against a cold block made of ice


 His eyes were red from crying, a lot of tears streaming down his face and his lips trembling. He wanted to say something, but there were just more tears, which escaped and made him even more shivering on the chair right next to my bed. I held my hand against his cheek and wiped the tears away. I had a huge cannula on the back of my hand filled with blood. He cried out in a quietly sigh of pain and looked back at me, trying to smile, but I could fell, how much it hurted him.

“Niall.” I wanted to say, but my voice just sounded so weak, that I only was able to whisper. Suddenly the door swung open and a nurse followed by a doctor walked in. Niall cried out in pain again and grabbed my hand.

“Miss Cowell… This might be hard for you, but we got the results from your spasm at the beach.” the doctor said and walked over to my bed. I smiled at them. Hopefully they wouldn´t get me some antibiotics or something like that.

“Uhm it is hard? Or can I leave the hospital later?” I asked and smiled at the nurse. She seemed nice.

The man took a deep breath and looked at me.

“No, Elaine.” he said and he seemed worried. Like he wanted to excuse himself for doing something to me. Like it was his fault.


“It is cancer.” 

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