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11. I´m sorry dad...

Niall’s PoV

It felt like the man just punched me right in my face, as he told it Elaine again. My heart shattered into a thousand pieces. Cancer. 

Elaine laid there in her bed, just staring at the doctor, without noticing, what he was explaining to her. Her hands lay numb on the duvet, she was completely frowned.

“And we try to heal this, your chance is really good“ the doc said, but Elaine cut him off.

“How long?” she asked lying on her bed and shivering.

The doc sighed and closed his eyes.

“Maybe three or four years.” he said quietly, which made her gasping.

Three years.



Elaine´s PoV *one month later*

Time flew by like it was just a few seconds, but I didn´t mind. Dad and I moved away from London, to a beautiful landscape outside the city. I didn´t visited the boys, Harry or Niall. Dad wanted me to live in peace, not in the loud city. He even took a break from his job for me. But although he was there for me, spended time with me, I felt terrible. The cancer didn´t got over my body yet; I still looked normal and smiled without pain. But I knew that it would change soon. Niall called me every day, like Harry, but Dad said I should avoid them and finally he ripped the phone outside the wall and threw it into the trash. I did not many things at home; I just went for a walk every day and cooked for Dad. He even talked a lot with me and it felt kinda good to talk with him about life. But every night, when I went to bed, memories made their way in my head. How Harrys lips had felt against my skin, the way Niall smiled at me, when we held hands. I missed it.

Harrys PoV

“You´re still thinking about her?” Louis asked, as he walked in and sat next to Niall. Zayn and Liam went out with their girlfriends and wouldn´t come back till 10. The TV showed something about animals in Australia, but nobody was minding.

“Niall?” Louis asked him again and patted his back, but he just sat there and stared on the ground. I played with the empty bottle of beer in my hands and tried to hold back the tears, which welled up again. I knew, Elaine and me didn´t knew a long time, but she just meant so much to me. And now she would…

“You should have seen her…” Niall whispered with a weak and rough voice. His lips were shaking, as he spoke and tears welled up in his eyes.

“She… she looked so broken…” he whispered again and tears started do stream down his cheeks. I wiped away my tears too and stared at the floor. I wanted her back so much. Just to make her happy.


Elaine´s PoV

Outside it was dark and cold. There was just the moon, hidden behind some clouds, but bright enough to color the puddles on the road. I looked back one time, looked at our cozy house aside the road and closed my eyes.

I´m sorry Dad.

I walked along the road, looking at London on the horizon and smiled.


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