Blue //HORAN//

➴ maybe this wold is so fucking cruel and i can´t be with you ➴


9. I wanna talk to you

Harrys PoV

“I-I think I´ll go home…” she whispered and wiped her tears away, as that fucking bastard got closer to us, doing like he would care for her. I just wanted to hit him right in his face, But If I would beat him like yesterday, Elaine would just get even angrier and hurt.

“I´ll drive you.” I said and wanted to grab her hand, but she pulled away and walked down the floor to the stairs.

“You don´t have to. I´ll get a taxi or something.” she whispered weakly, but I followed her. As I reached her, I grabbed her arm and pulled her back to me.

“What?!” she hissed angrily and I was able to see, that the regret it immediately, as she said it. I let go off of her hand and stepped backwards. Again tears started to stream down her face and she shook her head in disbelief.

“How could I think of it.” she said to herself, turned around and left us.


Elaine´s PoV

As I got back to my empty house, it was afternoon. A few cars passed by and some birds sang outside. I went upstairs into my room and threw myself on the huge bed, Dad bought for me. How could I think, that Harry… that he wouldn´t treat me like his bitches? I felt like a slut, because I even enjoyed it. Really, for him it would have been some other girl he could have fun with.

Suddenly the phone rang, so I got up and ran downstairs. It must be some guy from Syco Music who wanted to speak dad.

“Yeah, it´s Elaine Cowell.” I said and leaned against the kitchen counter. I looked down my body and bit my lower lip. My socks were old and grey, but they were just so fluffy, I would die, if I had to throw them to the trash.

“It´s Niall.” his familiar voice said and made me shivering.

“N-Niall… I think we shouldn´t-“ I began, but he cut me off.

“Meet me at the pizzeria.” he said and ended the call.


I put the phone back and rushed through my hair. Somehow I knew, this would end terrible, but I wanted to see him. I wasn´t Harrys girl.


Niall´s PoV

I leaned against a brick wall and waited for her, while my heart was pounding like a little bird. Had Harry hurted her? Why did she cried? I would kill him, if it was his fault that she had been crying! The pizzeria was crowded by people, so no one would see us and tell that fucking bastard. He just wanted to fuck Elaine, like he always did.

“H-Hi Niall…” Elaine whispered next to me and blushed slightly. I turned round to her und pulled her in a tight hug. God, she smelled so good, I wanted to kiss her.

“Did he hurt you?” I asked at her cheek and she began to shiver in my arms, but she shook her head and smiled weakly. She was such a bad liar.

I slowly grabbed her shivering hands and pulled her in my car down the road.

“Where are we going?” she asked quietly and kinda scared. I smiled at her and rushed through my messy hair.

“To the beach. I wanna talk to you.” I replied and a sweet smile hushed over her face.


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