Blue //HORAN//

➴ maybe this wold is so fucking cruel and i can´t be with you ➴


19. He didn´t fought back

Niall´s PoV

Everything around me faded, as I held her close to my chest, smiling with pure love.

“Niall?” she asked in a quietly and weak voice, as her eyes closed slowly. She needed to sleep again, my little angel. I hold her weak body in my hands was as gently as I could and smiled.

“I´m sorry for leaving you… I´m sorry for hurting you. I´m sorry for not being able to be perfect for you. I´m sorry for not getting old with you. I´m sorry for not being that, what you wanted.” she whispered in a broken voice and tears welled up in her eyes. The low flames from the fire let them sparkle on her pale skin and made me shaking slightly.

“Elaine…” I couldn´t find the words to say.

I love you


Elaine´s PoV

He slowly leaned down to me and kissed my forehead, making me smile. His warmth spread through my veins and built in my belly. I tried to keep my heavy eyelids open and gently ran my thumb over his cheek.

“You´re the one, who makes me feel perfect Niall. You´ve made me fall in love with you.” my voice was just a weak whisper, about to break soon.

“I´ll never forget you Niall…” and with that I faded away in my deep sleep, covered in his strong arms, which held me all the time I felt weak.



Harry´s PoV

“Holy, pick up yourself and watch out.” I groaned annoyed of Niall, who sat next to sleeping Elaine in the back of my car. Her cheek rested on his chest, which made him smiling widely.

“Shut up Styles. I´m not anymore the shy little guy, who follows everything, you demand.” he cut me off and gently ran his thumb over Elaine´s red cheeks. I stepped the gas pedal even more and drove off quickly, as the traffic lights switched green.

“Don´t you fucking dare touching my girl again.” I growled and hit the road even faster.

Your girl?” he chuckled and still held Elaine in his arms. She slept smiling and hid her face at his chest, making my heart breaking into a thousand pieces.

I threw my gaze back on the dark road and drove a little bit, trying to calm myself down again. But she kept being in my mind, made tears welling up in my red eyes.

From behind I could hear Niall, who still held my angel. I looked in the mirror and he kissed her forehead, smiling lovely at her.

I gritted my teeth and gripped my fingers round the steering wheel tighter than before. But I couldn´t wipe her out my mind. Her smile, her eyes, her kiss.

Our kiss.

Why couldn´t I forget her? She was in love with Niall and not me. Why wasn´t I able to accept, that she´d never have the same feelings for me?

After a quietly while we reached the mansion, where I lost my heart to a girl, who would never understand. I never had been falling in love with a girl; I never wanted to be loved by someone, because I knew, that I would never feel the same. But Elaine changed me in every way she could. She made me loving her, without noticing it. But instead of fighting for her, I drove her home, avoiding, that another guy made her to his.

I turned off the engine and leaned my head back, not looking in the mirror.

“Damn you Horan. Hopefully you don´t have much time with her.”


Harry? What do you mean?”

Elaine´s voice was a quiet whisper.

And as I dared to look in the mirror, to see her…

The only thing, I saw, was Elaine. Elaine, with a broken heart. 


Elaine´s PoV

It was cold around me. Niall wasn´t able to say something, he just sat there next to me and stared at Harry, not believing, what he just said.

Hopefully you don´t have much time with her.

It felt like he ripped my heart out of my chest and left a big hole inside of me.


Suddenly Niall jumped outside the car and rushed over to Harry´s door, grabbing him firmly and pulling him outside the car.

Within seconds Harry was pushed into the dirt and Niall kicked him in his stomach, making Harry gasp in pain. He yelled in anger and built fists, before he smashed them against Harry´s face, again and again, not stopping.

Harry didn´t tried to stop or fight back; he just lay there, while tears welled up in his eyes. Niall gritted his teeth and pulled Harry up by his collar. There was blood dripping from his lips and his left eye was swollen.

But Niall didn´t mind. He just pushed Harry against the brick wall and punched him again.


Niall´s PoV

How could he.

“NIALL! NIALL STOP IT!” Elaine screamed at the top of her voice, trying to walk over to us, but her legs shook weak. She had to lean against the car and catch her breath. How dizzy and weak she felt, my little angel. 

I turned back to Harry and threw him on the dirty ground, kicking him one last time in his stomach. He gasped and wiped the blood away with his shivering hands, but I didn´t mind.


“Hopefully, it´s you, and not her.” I spat and left him on the ground.


“But I love her…” he whispered, before he passed out. 

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