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➴ maybe this wold is so fucking cruel and i can´t be with you ➴


22. Harry

In the next morning I felt only harmony in my body. Niall and I were the whole night together, loving each other. I smiled and slowly opened my eyes, catching the first rays of the sun, which shone through the window, on my skin. Niall had his warm arm around me, cupping my belly in his hand. The blanket just reached to our waists, but I didn´t mind. I felt his warm, regular breath in my neck, felt his warm lips on my skin.               He slept.

I slowly turned around, watching his peaceful face. His eyes were closed and his mouth was opened a little bit, which made me giggling slightly.

I hope you will be happy without me. You will find another girl. Maybe you will meet her on a concert. Maybe she will be the girl backstage.

I had everything, I always wanted. Maybe I would leave him yet, with only the memory of the last nights.

He would forget me. He would live on. He would find somebody to love.

But for me… He will always be the one.

I slowly closed my eyes, taking his warm hand in mine. We lay next to each other; a new day beginning around us.

I wasn´t afraid anymore. I only smiled, because it was the person I loved, who lay next to me.


“Princess?” he asked with a tired voice and gently grabbed my hand. I smiled and turned around to him, crossing the lovely gaze of his ocean blue eyes. They still had the sparkle like many years ago. We both sat in the cozy chairs, outside in the garden. It was a late fall day and we heard the giggle and laughs from children.

“I love you Elaine.” Niall whispered and he held my hand. We were old. We were weak. But we still loved each other.


“Elaine? ELAINE!” a cry ripped me out of my dreams. I opened my eyes and tears from above dropped down on my cheeks.

“Niall?” I asked tired, but then I saw his face. His eyes were red and tears streamed down his cheeks.

He wrapped his arms tight around my body and pulled me up at his chest. There I sat on his lap, holding him tight.

“I thought… I thought…” he sobbed quietly in my neck, but he didn´t need to finish. He thought I would have been gone.

“Schsch, I´m here Niall…” I whispered quietly, gently running my fingers over his naked back. He knew, that we hadn´t much time left.



In the late afternoon there was a knock on our old wooden door. Niall prepared the dinner for us, so I decided to go to the door. Slowly I got up from the old chair and walked out of our tiny little kitchen over to the floor, smiling lovely at Niall. He threw me a worried look, but then he realized, I could make it and smiled. He turned back to the cooker and kept making our dinner. I walked over to the door and opened it.

“Elaine?” he asked with a rough voice and stepped in. I stood there, not believing, that he was here.

“Harry.” I said in a quietly voice as he wrapped his arms around me with a sigh of relief. He sobbed in my neck, holding me close to his body. After a while he loosened his grip and looked at me, smiling with tears. He held me by my shoulders, laughing weak.

“You´re so beautiful.” he whispered, just as Niall walked in the floor, looking what took me so long.

“Harry?” he asked irritated and walked over to us, not believing, that his old friend was here.

Harry loosened his grip from my shoulders and smiled at Niall.

“You never told somebody, you´d leave.” he said to him and I closed the door. What was he doing here?

“I just wanted to see her one last time…” Harry said quietly and looked back at me. Did he thought, I still would have feelings for him?

Niall gritted his teeth, but he didn´t showed his anger. He still hated Harry for the words, he had said the last time.

Hopefully you don´t have much time with her…

I knew, how he had meant it. Hopefully she dies soon. Hopefully you can´t have her.

I gulped and leaned against the shelf, trying to be calm. The pain slowly went up my legs, making me build fists. It hurted so fast, if I just used my arms or legs too long. I gritted my teeth and suppressed it, still looking at Harry and Niall.             

“You saw her. So you can leave now.” Niall growled and anger flashed through his eyes.

Harry didn´t seemed interested in Niall, so he turned back to me.

“I am sorry Elaine… I didn´t meant it… Really, Elaine… You know, I love you.” he whispered and tears welled up again. He gently took my hand, not noticing, how I fought against the pain.

“Please forgive me?” he asked in a quietly voice and ran his thumb over the back of my hand.

“It´s enough.” Niall growled and stepped closer, grabbing Harry´s shoulder.

“It´s okay Niall.” I said and smiled weakly at him. His anger faded and he nodded slowly.

“Call me, if something happens…” he mumbled and went back in the kitchen.

I nodded, although Niall didn´t saw it anymore, as Harry suddenly lifted my chin. He smiled full of love and sadness at the same time.

“Can you forgive me Elaine?” he asked in a low voice and cupped my cheek in his hand, slightly running his thumb over my lips. He was always the boy, who weren´t afraid of those gestures.

I nodded slowly, which made him smiling even brighter.

“Elaine, you know, I love you…” he whispered. Tears welled up in my eyes.

Another man, I would hurt. 

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