Blue //HORAN//

➴ maybe this wold is so fucking cruel and i can´t be with you ➴


6. Don´t you think you get me that easy

“Are you tired?” Harry asked and threw me an asking look, as we got back in his big room. He was shirtless, and I really tried to avoid him… or his body, but he grinned, as he realized how I looked at him. Tattoos everywhere and muscles that made him look…  I had to admit, that he looked kinda sexy and I hated myself for thinking this.

He grinned and walked over to me. “Like what you see?” he asked and his eyes got darker. I shook my head nervous and walked a step back, but Harry just walked closer and grinned. My hearts pounded and warmth pulsed through my body. Suddenly my back hit the wall and Harry stood just a few steps in front of me.

“I want to make you feel good.” he whispered huskily and leaned his forehead against mine. His body pressed against mine made me even more shivering and his lower area touched mine. Everything pulsed and his fingers ran down my neck to my waists and he tightly squeezed my bum. I felt his hot breath against my lips before he slowly kissed me and lifted up my chin.

“You´ll feel good Elaine…” he whispered and kissed my neck, while he pressed himself harder against me. I gasped as he took me hands and laid them on his chest. I was able to feel his heartbeat and closed my eyes and his fingers slowly went under my shirt up to my bra. He slowly traveled along the holder of my bra back to the clasp and opened it. I gasped again that his hands were so near to my breasts and he kept kissing and slowly soaking my neck. I lifted my head and moaned slightly, what made him smile.

“You like it, don´t you?” he whispered huskily and pulled up my shirt.

I took his wrists and pushed him gently away. His eyes got dark and he gritted his teeth.

“Harry!” an unfamiliar voice from outside shouted and the door swung open. A black haired guy walked in and grinned.

“Wow, did I interrupt you two?” he asked and laughed slightly. Harry growled and turned back to him.

“What the fuck you want Zayn?” he asked and gritted his teeth.

“Doesn´t matter anymore.” he laughed and checked me out grinning.

“Get the fuck out.” Harry growled and got angrier.

Zayn looked at me one last time and grinned, before he got out and shut the door.



“Why are you so fucking rude and pissed off of everyone?” I asked.

“Wow. You´re such polite.” he replied and lifted me up. He made me wrap my legs around him and carried me over to his big bed.

He gently pushed me in the pillow and got over me. My breath got heavily and he kissed my neck down to my décolleté, while his fingers traveled down to my panties. I gasped as his fingers slowly unzipped my jeans and he smiled.


Harry´s PoV

Elaine was just so fucking beautiful. Her brown hair, those dark blue eyes and this beautiful smile. I loved the way I drove her crazy. She was my girl, no one would touch her.

I wanted to pull down her panties, as she suddenly pushed me aside and sat on top of me. Her hair fell in waves over my shoulder and she slowly bit her lower lip. Her hands rested on my naked chest and I heavily breathed, because she sat on my lap.

“I like girls on top.” I grinned and pulled her top up and threw it on the ground. She wore a black bra and looked so fucking hot.


She smiled sexy and got closer to me. Her lips softly rushed over mine and she whispered against my mouth.

“Don´t think you get it that easy.” she whispered and got up. She took her top and left my right there on my bed where I wanted to have her. 

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