Blue //HORAN//

➴ maybe this wold is so fucking cruel and i can´t be with you ➴


12. Back

I paid the cab-driver and got out of the car, smiling at him. The streets were dark, just a few lanterns shone on the ground, but I didn´t mind. My case was a little bit heavy, but easy to handle, so there was nothing to worry about. Raindrops splashed lightly on the ground, well, you couldn´t even call this rain. Just a few drops, which tickled on your nose. I walked along the street, which was covered in little puddles, but I smiled and jumped in them, making it splashing over the ground.

It wasn´t that far to the boys house, but I had to admit, that I was afraid. I was afraid of seeing them with another girl. One month passed, they could date any girl, if they wanted. But… My heart felt like a broken glass, as pictures made their way in my head.

Pictures of Harry kissing another girl, prettier than me and healthy.  A girl, you don´t have to worry about. What if Niall fell in love with a pretty girl? When I would knock at their door, just to get hurt?

My gaze went over the empty street, facing a mirror, which stood in front of a cute boutique. I made fists and avoided to watch myself in the mirror. Soon I would look worse. Broken and ugly.


Niall´s PoV

 I still sat on the couch, watching a documentary about penguins, but I didn´t got my head empty. She was there. Every time, no matter if it was night or day. Elaine was in my mind everytime, I couldn´t let her fade. She came into my dreams, kissing me and smiling. Running her fingers over my cheek and whispering my name. Elaine.

I just wanted to see her so bad.



“WHERE IS SIMON?!” Harry yelled at the guy and made fists, but the man just stood there, not knowing what to say.

“He… he moved away… last weekend… with his d-daughter.” he stuttered and stepped backwards, just to keep safety.

Harrys jaw dropped and he shook.

“No…” he whispered and stared at the ground.

She was gone.


Harry´s PoV

I threw the empty bottle of beer against the wall and growled, as there was nothing left. My room was crowded by empty bottles from the last weeks, I didn´t got to clean them up. I didn’t was in the mood to clean up something. I just wanted her back so much.

 I wanted Elaine next to me in my bed, smiling and running her fingers over my strong arms. I would kiss her neck, smiling when a moan escaped her mouth. I knew she would blush; she would gasp and blush a lot.

I closed my eyes and growled as the bell interrupted my memories with Elaine. I would beat the shit outta this fucking guy, who allowed himself, interrupting my beautiful memories with her.


Elaine´s PoV

My hands were shaking, as I slowly pushed the bell, afraid of seeing Niall and Harry again. The light of the moon painted figures on the dark door. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. What if they both had girlfriends, what if they even didn´t remembered me? What if it would hurt more than being distracted from them? I heard footsteps from inside and the door was opened.

Curls. Emerald green eyes. Dimples.

“Elaine?” he slurred shocked.

Harry´s PoV

I was definitely drunk. She stood in front of me, afraid of saying something. She just stared at me with her jaw dropped and tears in her eyes. Her beautiful hair was made into a bun and she wore a leather jacket with some black shirt under it. She didn´t looked ill or broken. She looked beautiful.

 I dug my fingers into the knob of the door and stared at her.

“H-Harry?” she whispered weakly before she stepped to me and wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling me down to her. Tears welled up in her eyes and she began to cry against my chest. I caught my breath and pulled her inside, not letting go off of her.

“Elaine” I whispered while tears started to stream down my face.

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