Blue //HORAN//

➴ maybe this wold is so fucking cruel and i can´t be with you ➴


8. Another girl

“I´ll get you something to eat.” Harry said and pushed his blanket away. I still lay next to him, but my mind was full of memories from yesterday.  Nathan and Niall had been in my mind since yesterday and it hurted everytime, because it was my fault.

Suddenly my phone rang, so I got up and grabbed it from the ground next to the bed. What a surprise, it was Dad.

“Yeah?” I asked and rushed through my hair. It must have looked like a big mess, straps everywhere. Harry got closer to me and sat up right behind me. His chest touched my back and he wrapped his arms around my stomach. I was able to feel his breath against the back of my neck, what made me shivering. I turned around just to see him grinning.

“Uhm Elaine, I have to go to California. There is a lot of work this weekend, I won´t be home.” Dad said, but he sounded like he didn´t really cared about this. He talked to someone about Syco Music.

“You´re kidding me, don´t you?!” I asked and bit my lower lip. Harry traveled down my naked arm with his lips, which made me even more shivering. I slapped his arm but he just laughed and slowly sucked on my neck. My hands shivered and I tried to hold back a moan. Dad would kill me.

“No Elaine, just have fun okay? I gotta go now. “  He said and ended the call, without waiting for my answer or saying goodbye. Harry grabbed my phone and threw it on the carpet, before he held me tighter and kissed my neck.

“S-stop it!” I whispered but he just grinned and pushed me in the pillows. His hands traveled down to my bum and he squeezed it gently. I shivered from his kisses on my neck; I even wasn´t able to stop him. It just felt so good, I had no more control.

Slowly he pressed his crotch against mine and groaned slightly in the back of his throat. I gasped and a soft moan escaped my lips, which made him even more smiling. His fingers softly pulled up my shirt and traveled along the line of my panties. His eyes got dark and lusty, as he kissed my neck down to my décolleté. His lips were wet and he ripped my shirt off just to get to my bra. He lay on top of me; his naked chest against mine made my heart pounding like some little bird. He smiled at me and his fingers ran along the holders of my bra, before he softly pulled them down my shoulders. I gasped as he opened my bra, I just felt so good, I wasn´t able to stop it.

I wanted it.

“You´re so beautiful Elaine…” he softly whispered and kissed them.

I think I never felt so good. Never in my entire life.


Suddenly the door swung open and someone got in. Harry shot up from me and turned around to the person. I heard a laugh and shit I blushed, like I never did before. Harry pulled the blanket over my breasts and sat up.

“So you enjoy it Elaine?” Louis laughed and stepped in the room.

“Get out, fuck.” Harry growled.

“Oh come on Harry. You just fucked so many girls I think you could share Elaine. Niall would be happy, wouldn´t he Elaine?” Louis asked and I blushed even more.

“Oh just get the fuck out Louis! Niall won´t touch her anyways, she´s mine.” Harry growled and got angry. I hated this side of him.

But Louis enjoyed it, how Harry got angry. It was fun for him.

“Uhm let me count. Last week you fucked three girls.” he said and counted them by raising his fingers.  I stared at Harry, who got out of the bed.


Harrys PoV

I just wanted to beat the shit out of him for saying that, but he just grinned at me, like he always does. I walked over to him and pulled him up by his collar.

“Get the fuck out now.” I growled and pushed him firmly against the wall, but he just laughed at me and his gaze wandered behind me, where Elaine sat. I turned my head around to look, what he watched, but the door slammed and right in the moment I stared at the empty bed, I realized. Elaine was gone.

“FUCKING BASTARD!” I yelled at Louis and threw him on the ground, stepped over him and followed Elaine.

“ELAINE!” I called her, as I walked afterwards her along the floor. She shivered and wrapped her arms around her thin body. As I reached her, I grabbed her hand and pulled her back to me, but as she turned around, her tears felt like knives on my skin.

Tears streamed down her face and her she bit her lower lip.

“J-just leave me alone, okay?” she cried and tried to pull her arms out of my grip but I wrapped my strong arms around her and hugged her tight. She shivered again and pushed me away.

“Elaine… what happened?” I whispered at her and hold her tight, but she even cried more.


“I´m not your fucking slut got it?” she said in a weak voice.

“What?!” I growled and pulled her closer again, but she didn´t reacted.

“I can´t believe, that I fell for it. For your fucking effort to fuck Me. If Louis wouldn´t came in… I would have been another girl you just fucked and left. ” she cried and wiped her tears away.


“Elaine?” someone asked, as I stared at her in shock. How terrible she felt, it hurted me.

“Elaine, everything okay?” Niall asked and walked out of his room.


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