My prison

What happends when Madi gets kidnapped by 1D? Thinking she went to boarding school only to find out her parents sold her to 1D 2 help her much beloved brother buy a new car!


4. My (almost) Freedom

I walk down stairs, my body was shacking in fear.

I see five boys staring at me.

Madi are you ok? Harry asks running towards me.

Yeah I just need some fresh air outside. I reply. I'll be back in an hour just say I'm gone for today.

I'll come with you! Harry replies.

No. I snap. I need to be alone!

Madi I can't let you leave. No! I say you can, and with that I bolt out the door and run.

I have to focus all my energy on running. Breathe Madi, I repeat in my head over and over again

I take a second break only to see Harry and the four other boys running closely behind me so I run even harder. I then stupidly realize that we are in the. Middle. Of. NOWHERE.

Ugh, I give up and collapse onto the ground. Sobbing. Screaming. Struggling.

The boys just stand there stunned. They all look at each other confused. That's when it hits me, you guys are one direction!

Yeah love. Took you long enough to figure that out. That's not the point. I say.

Then what is? Love. He adds

You kidnapped me!

What? He says hurt.

I hate you!

Who? They ask at the same time heads turning.

All of you!

Harry annoyingly sighs the grabs my hand and pulls me back to the house. I sob for hours in my room, every so often Harry comes in to check on me only for me to ignore him.

After a while I can't help but to sob in his arms.

He puts me to bed then shuts the door behind him

I fall asleep but hear someone come in my room late at night. I turn around. It's Zayn.

He smirks.

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