My prison

What happends when Madi gets kidnapped by 1D? Thinking she went to boarding school only to find out her parents sold her to 1D 2 help her much beloved brother buy a new car!


2. I was kidnapped?

He left the room laughing to himself. I finished unpacking and bellyflops into the bed.

Wake up love. I hear a know at the door. What time are my classes? He just looks at me and says to meet him down stairs once I'm ready and dressed.

The hot water stings my cuts. I pull my hand away, but my stubborn self forces me to put up with the pain. I pick out a pink shirt and a black mini skirt with a bow. Then a matching bow that holds the front of my hair out of my face

Once I get dressed I lean against the door and sigh

When are we going to tell her? Says a low voice.

When she comes down, she is expecting to go to class!

What should we say? I recognize the voice as Harry.

Uhh, we kidnapped you sorry.

Oh god. I think looking at all my escapes I have to do this suddenly

Well she has no choice if goes back her mom will just sell her again.

My mom!?!?

What's happening to me!

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