My prison

What happends when Madi gets kidnapped by 1D? Thinking she went to boarding school only to find out her parents sold her to 1D 2 help her much beloved brother buy a new car!


1. A new beginning

I walk out into the rain. I can't see anything so I just pull my umbrella over my head and hope to god I went right. Once I get to my new school, I realize that it's huge and looks more like a giant house than a high school. I also see that there are no kids visible.

Shit I must be late! I sprint ahead to the big doors, even more perplexed when it's locked. Maybe I got the wrong address! Shit.

I ring the door bell, and a brown haired boy opens the door.

"Is this Northwood boarding school?" I ask nervously.

"You must be Madi." He smirks. Showing his dimples. "Come on in then, love."

I slowly walk Into the "school." This looks more like a house than a school. I say

"We'll it's a living school. So this is where we live?"

I can tell he made that up, I have a bad feeling about this. But he new my name and this is the address mum gave me so.

I guess this is my new home. The boy shows me to my room upstairs .

"This is your room." He says. "And if you need it the Lou is over that way. I stand there not moving staring. "Something bothering you love? He asks. "No it's just. I have never seen a room so nice b4.

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